La Jolie Grandmere, rejected by The New Yorker

In advance I must apologize for the terrible quality of the items below. I shot them in haste with my iPhone, the light was wrong and I created horrible shadows. I should have waited and had them scanned. But I didn't so please forgive me. I acted hastily.

When I think of my grandmother, La Jolie Grandmere, I think of a perfect and beautiful being, even though I know that everyone has their faults. To me it seemed that she had the Midas touch and everything beneath her fingers turned to gold. What I did not know was that from time to time my grandmother saw failure and rejection perhaps I was unaware of this not because she did not talk about these events, but she never described them as failures. I have a lot to learn from her yet. She never turned down a challenge. She never accepted defeat. She was unafraid to try or take chances. I wish I had that trait. I think fear of failure often prevents me  from trying something new, taking a chance.... standing out on a limb. I am making progress -- I have a long way to go yet.

In 1957, La Jolie Grandmere submitted several drawings to The New Yorker. They are charming and whimsical and timeless. They were also rejected.

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