I believe in angels...

I believe in Angels
I don't believe in coincidences
I do believe they are God's little winks
I believe in the power of positive thought
I believe in prayer, although
I am not religious
I am spiritual  and
I do believe in Angels
I believe I have an Angel
I believe that she is watching over me and guiding me
I believe that she is graceful and elegant and charming and charismatic
I believe that she is well spoken and well traveled. Worldly
I believe that she will guide me and take care of me
I know that I am a lot like her
I know that she was strong and fiercely determined
I know that she is making me stronger
I can feel her presence
I can feel her strength
I can feel her love
Guiding me through this journey
Taking my hand
Showing me the way.
She never really left me...
She has been here all along.

Do you believe in Angels?