Happy Weekend!

I'm running away... the children will be with their father this Father's Day weekend. He's got some fabulous things planned for them... for them I am truly happy. I can't wait to do fabulous things with them again one day. I know they are bored with me... I know they feel cooped up with me... I know they are wanting to do so much that I can not do with them right now...

My summers have always been about creating magical moments for the children... creating memories that will last with them always and forever... summers of adventure and beaches and lemonades and fireflies and cookouts and crafts and experiments... I have always aimed to create the most memorable and rewarding summers for my children. I hope they remember those summers and that this is not the one that sticks out most in their minds when they are grown. My boys will most likely say "remember that summer when you let us watch TV and play Wii all the time?" Likely they will tell me that it was fantastic. As a mother I feel guilty about that. Guilty that I cannot be to them the mother I have been in the past... guilty that I cannot provide for them as I had in the past... I hope their young minds will forgive and forget.

As long as I am not needed I am going to run away. I am going to the safety and the warmth of my parents... I am headed to Newport... I am headed to the ocean breezes... the sunshine and sea always make me happy... Newport is magnificent and magical... it will be so nice to be taken away from my life even if just temporary. It will be nice to unwind and relax and breathe sighs of relief... it will be nice to be me... it will be nice to be happy... and I will be happy because I will be with my family and also because I am meeting up with the fabulous Cynthia Bogart of The Daily Basics for dinner and drinks!

And by Sunday evening I will be so very happy again to see all my little ones and I will rush into the house and give them all big warm hugs and kisses. I love going away because coming back to my children is the best thing in the world!

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Happy Weekend
May you unwind
soak up the sun
and sip a few bubbles!