Well, here we are...

the world has not ended. the sun is shining and loveliest rays are shining through the now plush foliage. i have a lovely hot cup of coffee next to me. my little one is rolling around beneath the duvets. i am still here. unless this is all a dream and i'm blogging in my dreams. but i think not!

i have a great day in store. my 12 year old and i will finally get some time together. we have a lunch and mani/pedi on our agenda today! i have a few work-related phone calls to throw in there... possible new and grand, fab business idea... i'll fill you in when i can.

had yesterday really been the end of the world, i would have gone out in style! i had a wonderful workout at my gym followed by a wonderful lunch with some girlfriends who took me out (prematurely) for my birthday (which is but a couple of weeks away) and treated me to a most fabulous lunch. yes we had bubbly. and yes we had chocolate!

Chocolate decadency at it's best at Osianna Mediterranean Taverna, Fairfield, CT !
I blew the candle and made my wish(es)!

i am so glad that the world did not end... i have the best friends. Both real and "pretend"!

 Have a wonderful weekend! XOXO