My stamp of approval

Yes, I was a skeptic... a curmudgeon, even, perhaps... I was not interested... I was not going to watch. But I was up early and I turned on the television. Just in time it seemed, as Kate and her father were entering Westminster Abbey. And then I became less snark and more sap. She was beautiful... stunning... classic and modern. I realized, just then, that this marriage symbolized not just the unity of two people, not just their future, but really, their marriage represented the future of an entire country. This marriage represents the hopes and dreams of not just two young people, but of an entire nation... and beyond.

So I give the royal wedding, Kate and William, my stamp of approval...
But I ask, please take your shoes off before joining me!

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XOXO Have a delightful weekend... Keep Celebrating!
Chin Chin and Cheerio!