La Salle de Bain: A Sweet Escape (Part I)

A month or so ago designer Jennifer Duchene wrote about her ultimate Diva Den. I was so inspired that I created my own right here. Men can have their "caves" we ought to have our dens! That post inspired this one...

My two favorite rooms in my home are, and always will be, my kitchen and bathroom. My kitchen is the hub of my home. It is where we congregate and chat and eat. It is where the kids do their homework and where I often do my writing. I have bright green walls, white trim (Leaf, Benjamin Moore) that lend themselves wonderfully to half acre that sits behind the house filled with grass and trees and animals grazing and scurrying along the grass and up and down the trees.  We have fabulous wildlife on our property just an hour outside new York City. So much goes on beyond our over-sized kitchen windows that one could gaze all day. It's a warm and inviting room filled with voices and laughter and the banging of notebooks and pots and pans. As delightful as these sweet sounds are, there are times when a busy mother of three needs to escape to a place with no noise. A beach on the French Riviera would be ideal, but alas not realistic. My bathroom is and always has been my sweet escape. Even when my bathrooms were small and far from luxurious, they were always my own -- filled with warmth and my possessions that inspired calm and tranquility. I've been blessed, in this home and my last, to have a skylight directly over my bathtub. There is nothing in the world so wonderful as an afternoon soak with the sun pouring in, illuminating everything with her bright, warm rays.  Likewise, there is nothing so magical as to unwind at the end of the day with the stars and the moon over head. I think all bathroom lights should have dimmers. This one does not, but I do have candles that I use and adore. The bathtub is the place, for me, where I can literally soak my worries and stresses away. I love nothing more than to pour in some of my favorite lavender or lemon verbena bath gel and turn on the jets (though not too high!) and to lie under a blanket of bubbles. A glass of red wine almost always accompanies me...

Following are some lovely baths that could transport me safely from a stress-filled day to a momentary vacation!

A tub and the sea... perfect tranquility!

A nice summer mid afternoon soak beneath the cool shade of the trees...

Claw-footed bath tubs are wonderfully deep and beautiful at the same time

The warm tones are instantly inviting and relaxing... I can smell the patchouli and the cedar wood 

You ought to try a soak under the light of a full moon!

Now, that's my cup of tea... or shall I say glass of wine?!

Clean, crisp, elegant...

Here a simple curtain adds a soft, feminine touch

This screams out Kate Spade to me! Yes?
Talk about a room with a view!

My grandmother, La Jolie, Grandmere, had a large mirror next to her bath tub in my room in Great Haseley, Oxfordshire. The light from the windows illuminated everything and I could soak and gaze at the English countryside for miles and miles and miles... and how the sunsets were marvelous!

The divan is simply divine!

And, suddenly, I am rendered speechless! Fantastic!