For young girls everywhere...

Life is wonderful.
Life is tough.
Life is filled with challenges.
Life is filled with rewards.

When the challenges seem too much, do not give up. Sit down and take a break if you must, but meet that challenge head-on. You will be glad you did. You'll find your reward, it will seem sweeter when it is earned rather than handed to you on a silver platter.

Stand up straight and be tall.
Stand up and be strong.
Hold your head up high.
Hold your chin up.

Don't sell yourself short.
Don't let others push or pull you down.
By that same token, don't listen to your own self doubt, but listen to the positive voices of your friends who will stand by you no matter what... Who know you are beautiful and strong and capable.
Never ever forget that.
You are beautiful and capable and strong.
You can do and be anything.
This is the truth.

Life is a gift.
Appreciate all that it has to offer.
Stop and smell the flowers.
They are pretty. They will make you feel pretty.

Life is hard.
Be prepared to jump over the hurdles or crawl into the ditches.
Nothing comes easy.
Have a good support team in place.
Remember you can do this.

The roads are bumpy but filled with gifts.
Don't be afraid of the bumps or you will never get to the gifts.

You are beautiful.
You are smart.
You are funny.
You are strong.
You will get more beautiful with age.
You will get smarter with age.
You will get funnier with age.
Listen to your elders.
Listen to you mother. She (usually) is right.
No one has all the answers but life is about getting to them.

Never sell yourself short.
You are one in a million and worth every dollar.
You are irreplaceable.

The harder you work, the harder you can play.
Never settle. If you are unsure, then move on.
One day you will be sure.
I know.
Trust me.
I have been there.
I am older and wiser, smarter and funnier and
More beautiful than I was.
I am stronger than I was. Much stronger.
I have learned to appreciate all the good.
I have learned to accept the bad.
And to move on and turn it into good.
I have learned to carry my head high and walk tall.

I have learned that a smile is my best asset
My smile is my umbrella.
It's also my best accessory.
Smile and be proud of all you have done so far.
Keep smiling, it will get you far.

And yet, do not be afraid to cry.
Do not be afraid to be afraid.
A good cry will help you.
A good cry feels good.
Fear will make you stronger.
Just don't let it paralyze you.

If you can't run,
Then skip
Or walk.
We all get to our destination eventually.
We just choose different ways of getting there.

Take a chance.
You'll never know if you don't try.
You'll miss out on a lot.
And if you fail? So what.
Brush yourself off and try again.
Do not give up.
Make mistakes.
Mistakes are good.
They make us smarter.
They make us stronger.
Usually, they end up making us happier.

Life is wonderful but it is not easier.
And it gets harder as you get older.
But remember this:
No matter what, in the end, your mother is always there for you.

all images in this piece via Pinterest