Extreme Bathing... A Sweet Escape, Part II

Last week I told you all that I am a bath girl. Always have been and always will be. The bath, for me, is an escape, if only temporarily, from the stresses and rush of our everyday lives. It is the time of day when I can slow down and redirect my focus... or focus on nothing at all. A nice long soak accompanied with a glass of wine, sometimes a magazine, sometimes a book and sometimes nothing at all... is my much cheaper alternative to therapy!

I chose my favorite bathtubs, my dream tubs - if you will - here last week and thanked designer Jennifer Duchene for my inspiration. In my search for my ultimate bathtub I found some pretty extreme and exotic ones as well. Not exactly what I would want necessarily in my home, I would love to soak in these just for the experience of doing so.

I think I would love to be an extreme bather... perhaps some lovely interior design glossy would love to send me around the world... around the States even - in search of the ultimate soak! Yes?

Until that happens, please join me on my virtual journey to some incredible and some bizarre soaks! Bring your towel, bathrobe and slippers. I've got the wine and the bubbles!

This bath with shower looks amazing and oh to be able to wash my hair while in the tub!

I love the idea of bathing out in nature... the tea cups can be replaced with wine glasses tho!

An amazing view of the Manhattan skyline... Oh how I would soak it all up!

I haven't quite figured this one out... is the floor tilted? Is that stone or carpeting? Still, the jets in the tub are calling my name! Though, small issue here. I see no place for my wine glass!

Interesting, No?

Not for those of us with body image issues... though there is a table set up for my wine... in this case I think I would have a martini... love the television on the wall...

Again, the carafe of water needs to be replaced with one filled with wine... yet everything else about this seems so very inviting

As the French would say... C'est vraiment incroyable!!!

This is not my bathroom so I won't concern myself too much with falling and tripping into the sunken in tub... or the wet tile... (I am quite accident prone as you can gather!)  I would also have placed the tub a little closer to the window...


 I am not sure I would ever leave! (Where is her towel?)

Ahhh, my great escape!

Wine glasses... Finally! I must bathe here before I die... I simply must!

Tranquil... serene... exactly how a bath should be!

Not sure how I feel about the bed and living area surrounding my bath tub... but I would certainly add this to my must bathe list!

Has a certain je ne zen quoi appeal to it...

I hope you enjoyed the journey!