Designer threads, treads and wheels...

Spring is finally in the air! While it's still cool in Connecticut, the sun is up early, the birds are singing melodically, the tiny buds on our trees are starting to bloom, little flowers are starting to sprout and I've already broken out my white jeans.

It's perfect bike-riding weather and I live in a perfect bike-riding town! It's too bad I'm in between bicycles these days... Perhaps we should go on a virtual bicycle shopping spree! Perhaps we should pretend that money is not important or relevant here. After all, this is my little fantasy... which of these fancy-fabulous wheels would I pick?

Fendi Bicycle

Gucci Bicycle

Kate Spade Bicycle

Chanel Bicycle

detail from Hermes Bicycle
Lilly Pulitzer Bicycle

Ok, some of those are a little ostentatious even for me. Hands down I pick the green Kate Spade bike! I think it needs a little basket in the front...

There we go... a nice Nantucket basket for the front... In it I would leave room for a bottle of water, and some fresh flowers, lettuce and other goodies from our delightful farm down the road...

That's more like it! Still, something is missing...

Oh yes. This is much better! N'est ce pas?

But I think Fifi Flowers has the best idea!

Cheers and Happy Riding everyone! Anyone care to join me? Alice, you can ride the pink one next time you are in my neck of the woods. I'll bring the baguette and the bubbly!