Today I am going to save the world! (At least my daughter's world!)

Or at the very least I am going to be my daughter's advocate. I'm going to take a stance. I am going to stand tall. And firm. With feet firmly planted on the ground. I have a no tolerance policy. The bullies that are hurting my daughter, and all the other daughters out there, need to be stopped. Need to learn a lesson and more importantly need to be punished. Now. I will not take no for an answer. I will not stop until the bullying is stopped. I will not. I will not...

I am doing this for my daughter and your daughter and all the other daughters out there. We all need someone to lean on. I am there for my daughter. We are in this together. 100%. After all, if she cannot count on me to protect her, who can she count on?

Children fight and best friends come and go over the years. Yes that sucks and as painful as it is, it is all a part of growing up and learning who your true friends are. But bullying is something else altogether. I was reminded of this the other day as I was talking to a good friend of mine about the various incidents that have taken place in school over the past couple of years. Yes, this has been taking place for two years now. And my friend, a mother to a little boy (are they still little in the 6th grade?!) told me to stand up and be strong. "Jess," she reminded me. "Everyone is not what they seem. You know who your true friends are. They have your back. You can count on us." And so with that I will take my plan and run with it. My maternal instincts have kicked in full force. The only difference between this Momma Bear and the ones out in the wild is that I have learned to control my urge to destroy those who threaten my young... But the rage and the fury in me is strong and fierce and fiery and I would be lying to you if I told you it was not.

We'll get through this, together, arm in arm and hand in hand. I hope that soon the tears stop and the smile returns. But in this pain and despair I see already how you have grown and flourished. You said to me, just the other night, "I know now who my true friends are. I know who the nice people are." This my friend is huge. Trust your instincts. Rely on them... as well as the ones you know you really can trust as they will never leave you... they will never let you down. You know this. I know you do.

And remember everyone makes mistakes. Everyone does. And everyone deserves a second chance. Everyone. I firmly believe this. So if you ever get to this point and decided one day to forgive those who have hurt you, please do so. I believe everyone has a good heart deep down. Babies are not born mean. They are born full of love. Sometimes we need to remind people that they are loved. And you know, my darling, just how loved you are!

Don't let this destroy you. In the long-run it will make you stronger. I think it has already.