the simple things

In light of the tragedies that have shaken Japan, I have found that we all need to stop and think... we need to prioritize and appreciate... and pray. Because in the end it's not about the materialistic. It's about life and living and love and passion. We need to slow down. Not rush. We need to thank. Not want. We need to dream still. For our children and for ourselves. We need to dream about the past, the present and the future. We call the here and the now the present, because it is a gift. Let us not forget that.

I, for one, never seem to have enough time in my day. I, for one, seem never to be able to keep up, stay on top of all that I need to do. Some things are important. Others are not. If a bed goes unmade... if clothes don't get put away...if a dishwasher doesn't get emptied... does it really matter? (Unless of course you expect important company over any minute now!) Of course it doesn't. What matters is the time we spend with our children, our families, our loved ones. Those who makes us feel happy and loved... those who make our hearts swell.

My kitchen needs to be mopped. My basement needs to be cleaned and sorted through. The laundry needs to be put away. But none of that will go anywhere. My children, on the other hand will. They will grow up and go away. One day my basement will be spotless and my kitchen floors will be clean enough to eat off of. One day I'll do my laundry weekly instead of daily. But my children won't be here sharing stories, creating memories...

I have my home. I have my children to hug tight. I have food and warmth and clothing and medicine. I do not have to worry about nuclear-filled air.

I can wake up to the best smelling and tasting coffee. I can hear my youngest breathing deeply in his sleep. I am grateful for his cold feet upon my back as he crawls in next to me for warmth in the middle of the night. I am grateful my kids are around to fight. And  am grateful my children have things to fight over -- even if it's over a silly plastic shopping bag at the dinner table. I am grateful for food. I am grateful for morning rush and chaos.  I am grateful for the calm that comes once they are in school!

I am grateful for a fridge filled with fabulous food. I am grateful for a library filled with fabulous books. I am grateful for warm sweaters and coats. I am grateful for the sunshine and the rain. I am grateful for life...