Lisa Birnbach, A True (and Very Funny) Prep

A True Prep is never without a glass of wine!

The weather last night, as it is this morning, was positively frightful and the fact that anyone at all dared to drive through our typhoon-like conditions ought to be applauded!

While people did not exactly arrive en masse, the tone of the night was casual and relaxed as we sat by the fire, sipped wine and ate the lovely light, preppy appetizers prepared by our own Naptime Chef, Kelsey Banfield. I met the lovely blogger Melissa C. Morris and had some really lovely conversations with Lisa Birnbach.

Here, Lisa models her friend's "vintage" Madras jacket. Otherwise she is dressed entirely in Jmac!

Outside the weather was horrendous; inside everything was bright, warm and cozy!

Kelsey Banfield and Melissa Morris

Lisa and I are talking in depth about my Preppy NYC childhood and the schools I attended. I was more than impressed that she remembered the president of the very small women's college I attended in Chestnut Hill that was truly a gem in its time! (Yes, of course it was written up in The Official Preppy Handbook!)

In this picture I am telling Lisa all about my newest and latest venture... the BIG announcement that I have been wanting to share with you...

I am joining forces with my dear friend Jennifer Grove, President of Sky Blue Events as Editorial Director of Sky Blue Events. (Click on the link for latest company news, my introduction, and my first celebrity interview.) I am going to handle the social media aspect of the company, write articles and blog posts and we are days away from re-launching Prep School 101: Recipes for a Well Lived Life. Of course we will let you know when that site is up and running and we hope you will follow us over there! Lisa Birnbach has agreed to let me interview her for a feature story for Sky Blue Events/Prep School 101. I am beyond thrilled! .

Please take a look over at Sky Blue Events... It's a wonderful, socially aware company that in addition to weddings and other upscale events, hosts benefits (with super preppy names) that bring awareness to various causes and serve the community. The Upcoming Pints & Pinstripes is one such an event. The preview video is incredible. If you live in the Baltimore, MD area and are interested in attending, please visit the Sky Blue Website!

And, no, I will not be leaving JMAC in the near future. I will be putting in fewer hours, but I love the company, the clothes and especially the wonderful group of people I work with!