the flowers that bloom in your home tra-la...

It's the first day of Spring! Spring is in the air! Isn't it marvelous? Isn't it wonderful? Deloverly? Delightful?

Soon our coats will be put away... our boots will make way for sandals... our sweaters will be replaced by shirtsleeves... we'll slip into our little skirts, or shifts... we'll feel the warm sun on our cheeks, shoulders, backs... mugs of warm coffee will be replaced by glasses filled high with ice cubes and iced tea. I can hardly wait!

Though today, here in southern Connecticut it, is chilly. The temperatures have started to dip again. I can see the bare trees sway in the wind. A flurry or two is expected. But it's Springtime nonetheless! Open your curtains... pull up your shades... let the sun shine in!

I'm about to head outside to cut some Forsythia branches. The'll bloom delightfully indoors and add a lovely golden color and a touch of spring to my home.

I want flowers everywhere!
Normally, I am not a fan of floral wall papers, but some truly feel like spring... floral fabrics are a perfect way to bring the springtime indoors!

Is there anything you will do to reflect the change of seasons inside your home?