Monday Monday

I love Mondays. I didn't used to. In fact, it's really only quite recently that I have come to love this day. To most of us it means the start of a new work week after the weekend... To most of us it means a new set of worries and pressures and stresses and not enough time. This is how I used think as well. I have changed my way of thinking, in part, due to my kids. I can't have them dreading their Mondays already with a lifetime of Mondays ahead of them. Instead of focusing on the negative we turn to the positive and look at all the good things in store. And when nothing seems that exciting on the horizon we need to create something exciting. We need to have something to look forward to. N'est ce pas? Isn't your day always more exciting when there is a Birthday party to attend or a night out on the town with good friends or that boy you've been pining for who takes the same elevator you do in the morning?

So it's Monday and the possibilities of all the greatness that can come from this week are endless. In addition to our regular and mundane and never-ending To Do Lists, let's all create a Do Something New List... something we haven't done before... or something we haven't done in a long time. Call up a friend and tell them you love them or miss them or that you think they are beautiful. Brighten up someone else's Monday too! Bring some flowers home after work and add a touch of Springtime to your home. Write a long letter to someone you care about... someone you haven't seen in a long time. Tackle a new project that you have wanted to but has always seemed a bit daunting. Try a new recipe. Bake a cake for Monday, just because. Put yourself out there... shiny new heel in front of shiny new heel... baby steps if you must!

courtesy, Smitten Kitchen

courtesy, Crave Photography

How are you going to celebrate Monday?