Why do you need milk and bread?

To make French toast so you have energy to make your way through the 2 feet of snow that the storm left behind!

Good thing I went to the store and stocked up because I have never seen anything like this!

Yes, that's me (above) in 3 different papers! I guess I really impressed the photographers/writers with my grocery cart. They all asked me if I was shopping in preparation for the big storm. I told them that this is what shopping for a family of 5 looks like on a regular day! I told the reporter that I suppose I should have been buying batteries and flashlights but I was buying food instead. I also told him I needed to get the wine which was at the top of my list. He quoted me on that!

We had about 2 feet of snow fall on top of the last big dumping we had a week ago!

Rebecca in a drift. In the back yard snow drifted above the retaining wall which is 4 feet high!

A wintry sky...

My neighbor's barn... It seems as though I live in Vermont and not in Connecticut!

We've been plowed in... no one is going anywhere today!

Rebecca and I start to make a trail... otherwise we'll lose Alexander when he comes outside!

The city plow has plowed us in. The snow pile is as tall as I am!

It took our snow plow guys 45 minutes to dig out our driveway! They spun out and got stuck a few times. Now the roads have been paved I am praying for a full day of school tomorrow... there's a 4 day weekend ahead as it is!