It's in the bag -- Five things I cannot live without

I've been wanting to play along with the It's in the bag blog hop but I never got my act together. I am sure that this is mostly, because I was afraid of what I would find inside my bag! Yesterday I saw that Privilege had tagged me to list the five things I cannot live without, I figure it would be a perfect way to marry the two posts. Because most of what I cannot live without lies (deep, buried) in my bag! (There are more than 5 things I cannot live without!)

My bag of late... orange makes me happy!

and everything inside!

client book...

Forgive me my dear friend in my long delay!

Sunglasses... I change these daily. These are old Lilly P shades
#1 item I cannot live without!

iPhone... I would be lost and disconnected without it.
The Lilly P cover was a Christmas present from Christopher, my 9 year old!
#2 think I cannot live without!

iPhone ear buds.
#3 thing I cannot live without
I use them at the gym to listen to my music and
CT is a hands-free state so I must use them while in the car.

Lipstick/Chapstick... I had no idea I had this many in my bag!
#4 item I cannot live without

been meaning to get a new one of these...

a writer always has to have a pen to jot down notes

These are for the car but I never took them out of my bag

If I bring my laptop with me I save all my writing on to one of these... just in case...

Vera B change purse/wallet that Rebecca gave me for Mother's Day

inside the Vera B change purse... my lifesaver!

I suppose these are #5 on my list of things I cannot live without...

Agenda notebook... scatterbrains like me need these for important dates,
To Do Lists... and wine lists ;)

this must belong to a certain little blond haired boy!

Make up bag that belonged to La Jolie Grandmere... I like to freshen if I go to the gym before work
and sometimes in the middle of the day

the above are all the contents of make up bag...

(Not inside my bag) my watches...
would be #6 on my list... I cannot live without a watch on my wrist!


my Mac Daddy pearls would be #7 on the list of things I cannot live without!
This is for you Beantown Prep!