Welcome to JmcLaughlin, Westport

Welcome to my store! Well, it's not really my store as you well know, but one day not too long ago fate had my car veer right off the Post Road when I noticed the large OPEN sign in front of the blue barn. Ohmygosh I exclaimed to myself. I love these guys. Looooooove them. I was devastated when they closed their doors on Westport's Main Street a few years back. Now, I'm not the kind of girl who can shop to her heart's desire (although it would be nice indeed) but I am the kind of girl who loves good quality and classic clothes. And that's what J.mcLaughlin is all about. So a couple of times a year I would venture in and treat myself to a really nice sweater or sweater set. If I needed something for a special occasion I went to them first. My periwinkle taffeta ball gown skirt is my most loved item. I've dressed it up and I have dressed it down (worn with simple fitted white T and pearls) and I yearn for an opportunity to wear it again.

A few summers later I needed something equally as special but not quite so formal. I walked out with their signature ribbon skirt. I have some sweaters, jackets... belts and handbags...

But I've totally gotten all distracted by my excitement.

We are the largest of all the JmcLaughlin stores and the new flagship location. In fact our store is really sort of comprised if mini-stores, or boutiques, if you will. Come, let me show you around.

 Isn't this fellow just "endeering?"
The reversible cashmere scarves are fabulous.
Do be sure to check them out when you stop in. They make a wonderful gift for that someone special!

Be sure to check out the goodies on Santa's sleigh for more great gift ideas...
After all, Christmas is just around the corner.

Before I walk you through the store, can I interest you in some tea or coffee? It's quite cold out there today!

Perhaps a little something sweet from The Naptime Chef who bakes these special treats just for us! (You can always check out her blog for the recipes!)

Please take one. They really are fabulous.
I shouldn't have, but I couldn't keep away and so I just had to try one! And please take a complimentary recipe book. The cookies are in there for you to make at home.
We also sell her peppermint hot fudge sauce. Sinful!

And the m&ms poised so elegantly in their red bowl are gorgeous and I am weak in their presence!

How about some animal crackers for your children?
Yes, I thought you'd like the monogram!
We do have toys here in the store to help entertain them so that you can shop.

 If you walk this way you'll see our accessories -- belts, scarves, socks and these wonderful Catalina T-shirts that never lose their shape, color or style. They are made from bathing suit material and are the most comfortable tops I have ever owned. They are, I think, the world's best shirt. And once you get one you'll want to keep coming back for more. I just picked up the orange and navy one myself!

Our socks, scarves and gloves make wonderful Christmas gifts and stocking stuffers!


I have been bamboozled and I must pick up one of these amazing clutches...

We have the most amazing and most gorgeous selection of scarves. You could spend hours admiring them all.

We have fabulous items for all your holiday parties!

And if you are planning a trip to a warmer climate you must check out our amazing selection of resort-wear... We have plenty to choose form for both you and your someone special! Yes, Lilly is wonderful... but everyone wears Lilly... Don't you want to be a little unique... stand out from the rest of them? They'll love your outfit and they'll have to know where you got it, and quietly... nonchalantly, you'll say "Why, Jmac... of course!"

(I'll return soon with a post on our resort-wear. It is simply too good not to share with you!)

 I keep my cabana boy in there... his name is Andrew. He'll be happy to pour you a glass of wine. We have red and white left over from our grand opening. Or he'll be happy to get you some tea or coffee!

Next to the resort-wear we have our Equestrian Section. I told you we didn't horse around. We really have something for everyone!

 We also have the most fabulous handbags.

Hey Bevy, these bags are called Aiken and come in the prettiest of patterns! You know how to reach me if you want one!

Not to worry, we have something for Fido as well. A true prep needs a well dressed dog!

 I just love these dog collars... although the last one is a little fishy...

Next to Fido's stuff you'll find all sorts of wonderful stuff for his best friend... great colorful and whimsical socks...

fabulous cuff links...

We have a great selection of shirts for your husband, father, nephew, uncle and son. We have rugby shirts, the softest corduroy shirts in a great assortment of color...

and wonderful button-downs for all the men in your life!

Does your significant other still need something for the holiday party on Saturday Night? I just love these plaid pants. So festive and fun. But come on, we have more!

Can he pull off these wonderful red cords with Santa pulling Rudolph?

Or perhaps he's a more rugged, tougher guy and sees himself in these Jolly Rogers...

Then, while he's tending bar in his fab new pants he can ask
"What's your poison?!"
(I really really wanted to write that!)

Our men's selection is truly fabulous and we have the largest selection of men's clothes of any of the Jmac stores. We have jackets, hats, scarves, gloves to keep your honey warm. These New England winters are cold!

Oh, and don't forget to pick up a pair of fun Christmas socks
now that you're holding his Jolly Roger Christmas pants!

 Yes, isn't this a great scarf indeed?

 We have them in other colors too.

My favorite sweater is that aqua one down there? Don't you just love it? I'm thinking about getting one for my father. You want one of those too? Yes, we do have them in a medium!

Trapped by indecision? Yes, get the socks... we have more!

We have the most fabulous assortment of bows for your beau!

I  just love these dop kits... they are just so handsome. They just arrived and  I simply must snatch one up before they disappear! In fact, we get new inventory almost every day. You really should stop by and say hi! I am only there part time so I may not be there when you come in, but we have a fabulous staff . They are all as cute and friendly as I am ;) and will be more than happy to help you with whatever you need. If you live a little too far for an afternoon drive, there are over 40 other JmcLaughlin locations which you can find on their website. And yes, Carrie, I too think there should be one in Indianapolis for all the wonderful preppies out there! I will put in a good word for you! :)