The Entertaining House + Prep School 101 go to Versailles!

The other day when I got an email from Jennifer asking if I had a free moment on Saturday to meet her in Greenwich for a cup of coffee I jumped at the opportunity! Jennifer and I have been blogging friends for well over a year. She is the creative genius behind Prep School 101 and owner of Sky Blue Events Recently I was asked if I would help her promote her Tartans & Tidings Preppy Photo Contest and her Tartans & Tidings party and I was thrilled to do what I could to help. So, naturally, when she asked if I could meet her in Greenwich, I jumped at the chance! I love meeting bloggers and readers!

Our time together was short (too short) but sweet. We caught up with each other and chatted freely in ways that are unlimited by blog, twitter and Facebook space.

Apologies regarding the photo... not sure what made the picture so blurry... perhaps the bright red corduroys I was wearing blinded the photographer... my eyes are closed in the first picture... and what's up with my hair? I just had it done so I could look all blond again and have fun... sheesh! ;)
I can't wait to get together with her again!