Simply Spectacular. Spectacularly Simple.

If you can't yet think about the holidays or Christmas don't read any further. Thanksgiving is just 2 weeks away and Christmas is but 6, so I need to start getting ready. At least I need to start getting ideas. How will I decorate this year? I like to keep things simple. Normally I am more of a minimalist in my decorating style, but Christmas is the exception to my rule. I do love to decorate my rooms so that, as you walk through the house, you can tell that Christmas is really upon us. Christmas awakens all my senses and I like my home to do the same thing. The music is always on. There is always something baking or cooking. There are always the hints of something having been wrapped... perhaps some wrapping paper or ribbon was left out on my desk.

Since I love to bake home made goods for my gifts I really need to get starting on that. I need to make up my lists of ingredients and recipients and ingredients. Baking this time of year brings me such joy!

We had our first taste of snow the other day. On Monday morning many of us in Southeastern Connecticut woke up to a cold, wintry mix of hail, snow, sleet and rain. Normally I'd be a bit irate. I would wake up cursing under my breath... the blasted weather... it's not wintertime yet... But not this time. This time I looked out the window and was giddy! I decided not to wake the kids immediately. It was too slippery to drive to school. We would leave a little later if necessary. I would let the kids sleep in. I made myself another cappuccino and slipped back into bed with my laptop searching for Christmas decorating inspiration. I came across the following images. I found them lovely because they were so simple.  I love decorating with ornaments. So much can be done without demanding too much of your time or too much from your wallet.

The following pictures have been pulled from sights as House Beautiful, Southern Living, and Better Home and Garden.

I love the tress made from the stacked ornaments. A little hot glue cements each  metal ball together. Ribbons are tied in between each ornament. I think I could do without the ribbons, personally. But I can picture quite a few of these on my mantel.

A fresh sprig of evergreen and a few gold balls and you have a lovely and organic place setting.

I think this wreath is actually To. Die. For!

In a large bowl pile up as many ornaments of varied colors and see  how quickly your mood improves!

Simply Spectacularly Gorgeous. I love the red bow. You can't get any easier and Wow, what a statement that makes!

If I could do this I would! Cranberries, sugar and a fabulous flame!

Does it get any better than this? Does it? And how amazingly gorgeous. I will be replicating this, this year!

A pair of children's mittens, some holly and a ribbon. Could there be anything warmer and more inviting on your front door?

Vertical stripes lend themselves to this wonderful rustic Christmas charm.

Ultimate elegance, Ultimate ease!

What I love here, in addition to the creative and clever mantel is that the stockings are not quite lined up and yet there is a feeling of unity.

A few red throws and a blanket. Can it possibly get any easier? And the look is of a complete relaxed elegance.