300 Followers, WOW!

I have not been diligent about posting lately. For me, blog posting is incredibly time consuming and I have been incredibly busy lately. I am volunteering my time at school helping with book fairs and a myriad of other projects. I am helping with the wine tasting event again and in charge of all of the decor... I have to fit in my work-outs and am trying all sorts of new exercise programs and classes. I am a bit obsessed, especially since I have eaten twice my weight in peanut butter and chocolate candy over the past couple of days! I have meetings at school regarding my youngest and his possible diagnosis with ADHD. (Thank you all, btw, for you notes and emails and comments and suggestions. I feel quite educated in the matter as my older son has it as do I.) I am also trying to get the memoir off the ground, keep my house in order, all while looking for a full-time job. All of these require my full attention and yet I cannot really give my full attention to any of it! Most days I am completely overwhelmed by everything.

Oh well. It will all fall into place. It always does, doesn't it? We must just persevere and keep focusing on the big picture and keeping our chins up!

And I have just noticed that I have 300 followers. Wow, 300! And so, because I love a good celebration, we must have some sort of give away... I will put my thinking cap on. And I will keep you posted!