Play with your food!

Even a serious foodie likes to bring out his or her inner-child... I just love these plates. I think Santa will be bringing them for Christmas!

And I would hate to leave Rebecca out, so now there is one for girls!

I think these placemats are nothing less than brilliant. I mean VanGogh, would have seriously cut off part of his ear for one of these!

Instead of discouraging, next time, you might very well encourage your child to go pick their nose!

Nose-picking isn't just for kids anymore!

Your daughter wants Pinkalicious Birthday party. These darling tea cup cupcake wrappers will be sure to be crowd-pleasers!

King of the World? Perhaps serve your guests a Gin & Titonic!

We all know a few people who could use one of these...

Just hate when this happens to me...

Because sometimes you want to have your cake and eat it too!

All of these wonderful products, and so many more, can be found at Fred & Friends.

Note: I was not endorsed by anyone over at Fred & Friends... but if anyone over at Fred & Friends sees this and would like to offer up an item for a give-away, you can contact me through my profile! ;)