Marketing Get Together for a Great Cause: Pretty in Pink 4 Life

"The Pretty in Pink 4 Life Bench"

Last Thursday I had the amazing opportunity to attend  

I had the pleasure of meeting Marcy a month prior as we stood on line together for the Nate Berkus blogging show. We chatted and hit it off immediately. (Though I cannot imagine Marcy not hitting it off with anyone!) While on line (as opposed to on-line) she told me of this networking event and invited me to join her. I was both honored and touched.

Not only was this social meet and greet designed to get designers and writers and all sorts of people together, but the evening's event had a special component to it. The night would also recognize that October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month, and a most fabulous piece of pink furniture (as shown in the above photo) would go on sale with all the proceeds going to the Susan G Komen Foundation. 

I asked Marcy about the bench. "The 'Pretty in Pink 4 Life' bench is a special bench for a very important cause. This amazing polished chrome bench with a grid-upholstered top in magnificent pink boucle is specially priced at $1800 (a multiple of 18, which in Hebrew means life)." Marcy was quick to tell me that "All the proceeds from the sale of this beautiful piece of furniture will go to Komen CT. If you’ll notice, the top of the bench is not one continuous piece of fabric, but rather a grid of seamed pieces that symbolize the connectivity and collaboration that are crucial for finding a cure. 'It takes a village to raise a child' and many individuals coming together to raise awareness and funds for a common cause."

Marcy and Irwin Feld are committed to supporting Komen CT and hope that through their success, they can motivate other small businesses to follow suit and show them that with a little imagination and a lot of gumption, they can help raise both awareness as well as funds for Komen and other causes.
The Felds are true marketers and motivators.

The bench still has not been sold... The asking price is $1800. Wouldn't it look lovely in your home? Any room would do, really... And think, your purchase would be a very generous, charitable donation!

The event was certainly grand... the sponsors from New England Home were delightful... Marcy and Irwin Feld were charming and gracious. There was plenty of networking and plenty of friendships were being formed. The evening was amazing and successful evening on all counts. I am honored to have been invited and honored to have been in the presence of such a wonderfully talented group of people.

The Feld's Showroom is nothing less than spectacular. I should not have left my good camera behind. These photos, taken with my small point and shoot, do not justify the beauty and "coolness" of the gallery.

Below, are some photos of our evening and the fabulous gallery for you to enjoy. In advance, apologies for poor photo qualities!

Marcy and Irwin Feld thanking New England Home for sponsoring the evening and Anne Morris, of Susan G Komen, for coming to support their cause.

Anne Morris speaks to all the guests 

The evening's sponsor

Before I take you through their wonderful gallery, I would like to tell you about our gracious hosts, Marcy and Irwin Feld.
Marcy graduated from Queens College and  Majored in Accounting. "Yes, it is true, despite wanted to be a writing major, I ended up as an accounting major because I was 'Good in Math' and my mother did not believe I would or could make a living as a writer. Needless to say, I never worked a day in my 'field of choice,'" Marcy explains. She continued, "Amazingly we lived parallel lives even before we met. 
Irwin went to Boston University and majored in Business despite wanting to study Art & Design. His father, a Holocaust survivor felt the same way about Art & Design, as my mother felt about writing."

I asked Marcy how long they have had the furniture gallery. They have been at their present location for just over four years, "but Irwin’s venture into Mid Century furnishings began in 2003 when he took a small booth at one of the local antiques centers. A true modernist, Irwin brought modern design to Fairfield County at a time when it was 99% traditional. That small booth generated enough revenue and eventually grew to a series of spaces in Stamford and New York, focusing on mid century design. In 2006, Irwin brought it all under one roof at his present location. In 2008, he started collaborating with Steve Cassler of Mid Century Antiques and in 2010, they became business partners, blending their businesses and housing them together."

Now, won't you have a walk through the gallery with me?

If you would like to purchase the Pink Bench or view any of these, or other wonderful items, Mid Century Antiques is located at 583 Pacific Street in Stamford, Connecticut.