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Look at something as if for the very first time...

Too often we fly through life barely coming to a full stop. Sometimes life forces you to slow down. Sometimes you have to force yourself to slow down. The holiday season is almost upon us and we'll have fewer opportunities to do so. My shoulder surgery last Spring forced me to not only slow down, but to come to a complete stop. Initially, it was a hard thing to do. But in the end, I saw the benefits and so now, whether I am coasting or speeding along life's highway, I make sure I take the time to look around and appreciate the beauty all around me. I have learned to make time. Our days are busy and full, but there is always time to stop and smell the roses... or, as in my case, take in the amazing, wondrous sights of our fabulous New England foliage. And be sure to look at whatever it is as though you've never seen it before. The beauty around you is tremendous!




taking time out... to be a mom!

The view from my front door at 8:22 am, Sunday October 24, 2010