Visual Chocolate... What Can Brown do For You?

What inspires you when you decorate? Is it a picture? A trip? A photograph? The change of seasons?

I have always loved bright, colorful walls and demure, soothing furniture. The walls animate the room with whimsy or sincerity or tranquility or charm. The walls set off the tone. Will your room be modern, classic, edgy or a twixt? Do you like plush and soft or are you more of a modern minimalist? Classic at heart? Do you love to decorate with color? Are you bold or are you more demure? Today's rooms have a bit of each element... something sure to please everyone.

Today's post was inspired by the Mallomar. Yes, as in the cookie. As in the S'more-like chocolate, marshmallow and vanilla cookie. The cookie that is round with a big dome... The cookie that has the hard crisp chocolate, then the soft smooth airy marshmallow center that would not be complete without the crunchy cookie bottom. Crispy, crunchy, soft and smooth... This cookie is like a well designed room. The walls hold everything together, the furniture is soft, comfortable and welcoming. The accessories blend the flavors together. Without them there would be just chocolate and marshmallow and a plain unceremonious cookie. Together there is something sensational!

Chocolate walls are fabulous. They are strong, masculine and bold without being overwhelming. They are warm and comforting which is perfect for the cold months to come. Do not be afraid of brown. It will not make your room appear too small. It will not swallow you up. Instead it will cradle you you in it's warm arms. A brown room can still have plenty of light, especially if you accessorize with light colored furniture and big mirrors placed strategically across from large windows. Chocolate walls are simply fabulous. Just like the chocolate covered Mallomar cookie.

I love the cookies. I don't eat them these days, but they remind me of my youth. My mother kept them in the refrigerator. I thought the bright yellow box was delightful -- a tease staring at me every time I opened up the refrigerator door!

Why was I inspired by the Mallomar?

I am writing about them because they are seasonal. Like Pumpkin Spice Lattes and Beaujolais Nouveau.

I was inspired because the Mallomars were released today. Yet another sign that the weather is cooling and fall is in the air.

In each of the well designed rooms below you will see crisp, clean, soft... You will see classic with a bit of modern. You will see bold and demure. You will see warmth... you will see the Mallomar.