Easy Like Sunday Morning...

Fresh cappuccino with The New York Times, Apple Cinnamon Muffins fresh out of the oven, (click here for recipe) and a little fall cleaning which started when my 9 year old ran his hand across the inches of dust upon my piano which, thank goodness, did not show up in the photo I posted here the other day!

I think I have a Windex obsession! My husband found all these bottles under the kitchen sink! These do not account for the bottle in the garage, in the laundry room or in my bathroom!

For all of you who have had a hard time accessing my blog, my apologies as the website transitions over from the old to a new one in my domain -- an easier to remember, more professional one. Pardon the glitches. I have lost my blog roll and my followers appear in my dashboard but not on my blog. I am so upset by this. If you were on my blog roll, or would like to be on it please let me know as I try to recreate it!

I have some fabulous posts planned for you in the days and weeks to come... I have LillyLemontree, Housewife Bliss, and Pink, Preppy Lilly Lover all scheduled to take part in a Three Part Series on Fall. It will be wonderful! I will fill you all in on my day on Tuesday at The Nate Berkus Show (I will be bringing my copy of True Prep to read on the train en route!) I will share more of La Jolie Grandmere's Manor House in Oxfordshire and I will bring you all with me to Nantucket where I will leave on Thursday to visit Tickled Pink Talk, with Pink, with Green & Southern  and It's a Golden Day. We just can't wait. Oh it is going to be a fantabulous week!