What am I Reading, Preppies?

I've been reading Memoirs all summer.... some sad, some touching and moving... some informative and some, like this, hilarious and snarky. I love this girl... Do you know who she is? She writes a lot about what she wore (lots of good preppy fashion) and she happens to have a blog. Who is the author and what is the book?

P. 41

"Visions of pink oxford cloth and tartan plaid danced in my head. With five hundred dollars, I'd get tassel AND penny loafers, puffy velvet headbands, whale-print skirts, and a Bermuda bag to match every outfit!"

Need a little more?

P. 43

"I swiftly removed my Bass Weejuns and argyle socks. I cuffed my khaki walking sorts, climbed down the first two steps in the shallow end and met Danny's gaze. I smiled and adjusted my strand of pearls."

and one final clue...

"I glanced at my cheap Timex fitted with a grosgrain watchband. I needed to get that brat out of the pool tout de suite it I was going to tackle the sink full of dishes. I was counting on Mrs. Bedlamski's tip. The club pro at the local golf course was holding a particular Izod for me, but only until the end of the afternoon.
       And this was no ordinary polo. It was bubble gum pink and Kelly green striped and instead of a boring old knit collar, this one was constructed of crisp and immaculate white cotton. This shirt spoke of prep schools and old money and summers on the Vineyard and the kind of old-boy networks that don't exist on the plains of southeast Indiana. I knew the minute I put that shirt on, I'd immediately be catapulted away from my painfully average Midwestern roots. To this day, it is singularly the greatest shirt I've ever seen in my life. Also, I knew that Shelly Decker would shit itty-bitty alligators the minute she saw it on me."

Anyone care to take a guess?!!!