The Most Important Bit of Fashion Advice You Will Ever Need

I am republishing this piece I wrote a couple of years ago because nearly every day I am reminded of this Most Important Bit of Fashion Advice You Will Ever Need...

Dear Ladies Everywhere,

I am addressing you en masse. This may apply to you or it may not. For those of you who already follow this rule please do not take offense. Though please do read and and spread the word and pass this to women you know everywhere... because we all know someone... We all know someone in need of our support... in need of support. Pass this to girlfriends, sisters, aunts, mothers, grandmothers everywhere...

The importance of a good bra is invaluable. It is of the utmost importance. It is crucial to how you wear your clothes. ( I do not mean "you" in the sense that I am singling you out -- I am making a general sweeping statement here.) A good bra is crucial as to how you will look in your clothes.

Women must wear a bra. There is no exception, except perhaps, the small, perky-breasted teenager. But her day will come too, rest assured.

I had the misfortune, and I do mean misfortune, of witnessing, not once but twice -- and in the same week no less -- two older women in not-so-loose-fitting T-shirts without bras. By older I mean mid-40s and up. One woman, clearly in her 60s, and fairly flat-chested, was wearing work out clothes. She was in line just ahead of me in the grocery store. (I won't go off on a tangent about the dos and do-nots of wearing overly revealing clothes at the check-out line! Since you all pretty much know where I stand -- firmly -- on that topic!) Women of a Certain Age... no matter how flat chested you are, you still need a little support my friends!

A couple of years I was at the gym working my upper arms after shoulder surgery and I noticed the woman next to me... also my age... and her things were shaking wildly and she wasn't even moving that much! What was more disturbing was that I could see exactly where where her nipples were. They were nowhere near the center of her breasts.  Talk about TMI. To say I was deeply disturbed would be quite the understatement. I was so bothered that it prompted me to write this post!

More recently this woman, in her 40s maybe, joined my Zumba class. She's neither small or large - pretty average, I'd say. And she joins us bra-less.... not even a supportive sports top... just  a T-shirt! Not only is it fairly disturbing to see her puppies dance all over the place, but my gosh, that just can't feel good!! My Zumba class is a pretty intense hard cardio booty-shaking workout. More amply endowed women need extra support - If not a coat of armor... or duct tape. Seriously! (She stands behind me and my ADHD finds it all very distracting!)

A good bra can be a wondrous, magical thing! Please help spread the word in support of our sisters everywhere!

Sincerely Yours,


This made me LOL!

A little severe yes... but she gets the point (of a well fitting bra) across!
Yes, pun was intended ;)

A perfectly fitted T...

Another example of a well-fitted T-shirt... Our friends should be as high up as comfortably possible.

Even wealthy, powerful and talented celebrities cannot make this mistake!

Anyone remember this guffaw?
Young and old alike, rich and poor need support...
Where are the stylists and fashion consultants when they are needed?

At least she has a good sense of humor!

So, Erin, my friend, go bra(ugh)... but do not go bra(ugh)-less!