Fall is in the Air!

Outside the rain is falling. It hasn't stopped all day. It's lovely. Not only do we desperately need this rain, but it's nice to have a day to take a time out... or a time in. With no need to be outside I can hunker down in my home and stay in my pajamas and clean the house from top to bottom and cook and do all those things one cannot do when it is too gorgeous to be inside! Even though it's still quite warm outside and the air conditioning is still required to keep us cool and comfortable, one can tell that fall is right around the corner! There's a certain wonderful feeling in the air. I adore the change of seasons and autumn is my favorite.

I love the smells of the crisp cool air. I love the wonderful palate of colors as the grand trees in my neighborhood begin to adorn their wonderfully exquisite autumn wardrobes in rich yellows and oranges and deep majestic reds. I love the smell of burning leaves... I love to watch my children jump into the large piles with huge grins and squeals of laughter. I love the cooler temperatures... they allow us to hang onto our white summer jeans a little bit longer as we slip into warm cashmere sweaters. I love that the days get a little shorter. I love nothing more than to come home at the end of the day and slip into some warm flannel pajamas as the sun sets to the west. Perhaps I'll cook up a hearty meal such as a stew, some chili or a roast. We'll sip on fresh apple cider or perhaps a nice warm glass of mulled wine. The apples that we have picked will be simmering in the oven between layers of a flaky crust. Is there any smell as wonderful as that of a freshly baked apple pie? We'll line our pumpkins in a row by the front door from smallest to largest. Even though I am married perhaps I will cheat a little...on my diet that is!!!! Instead of my cappuccino I will treat myself to a Pumpkin Spice Latte... I admit it, I have no will power... no restraint. I am helpless in the face of a beautiful Pumpkin Spice Latte! In fact I do adore all things pumpkin. I am powerless and weak in the knees when it comes to pumpkin bread. Pumpkin muffins. And pumpkin cookies. I think this year I will try my hand at some pumpkin biscotti! I will get my home ready for fall too. I'll bring out the warm blankets and darker colored throw pillows. I'll fill my hurricane candle holders with acorns and pine cones. We'll light a fire. I'll grab a blanket and my red wine and sit in front of it with a good book. I'll be in my pajamas. The Coq au Vin will be simmering along... I might even have to shut the windows to keep the chill out... I just adore fall!

Is there anything quite so beautiful?

Nothing says fall and home like warm apple pie, apple crisp, apple cobbler, apple Brown Betty...
The apple could quite possibly be the perfect fruit!

The perfect fall accoutrement... decorate or bake... I love pumpkins!

Pumpkin bread (muffins, cookies, lattes, etc) is my passion!

Curl up with a cup of fresh apple cider cool and crisp or warm and soothing.

Mulled wine a soothing yet sophisticated beverage. I had my first glass when I was 13... I was at my grandmother's house in Oxford... it was Christmastime...
and a beautiful boy kissed me...
Ah, fond memories of mulled wine!

My Dear PSL, when I see you my heart goes pitter-patter
and my knees grow weak!

When the temperatures drop the heat goes on in the kitchen...
there is nothing as soul soothing as a hearty soothing of Boeuf Bourguignon!

It's time to pack up the flip flops and Jack Rogers.
According to Vogue Magazine the simple, classic and stylish kitten heel is back in style!

Celebrate your inner School Girl and pick up a new satchel from the Cambridge Satchel Company.
(About $105)

Not quite ready to pack up those skinny white jeans? That's OK, you don't have to. Pair them with a pair of boots and long cardi and a perfectly stylish and transitional fall outfit is born!

I think this chair is calling my name... Ah, you've poured me a drink I see...
I'll just snuggle up under the blanket...

The house needs to put on her stylish wardrobe too...

Just in case I have nothing in the oven or on the stove... this should do the trick!

What do you like best about fall?