A Prep School 101 Summer

I discovered Jennifer's blog, Prep School 101, about a year ago. It quickly grew to be one of my favorites.  I was like a kid in a (Preppy) candy store as I drooled over her beautiful photographs of lavish and opulent goodies that reflected a fun and preppy lifestyle. I was saddened, however, when last fall she decided to close her blog so that she could concentrate more on her business Sky Blue Events. While I was happy (for her!) that her business was growing successfully, and while I followed her business blog I missed Prep School 101 terribly. I told her so and nagged her a few dozen times, easily, to bring back the other blog. We communicated through the year, via emails and Twitter and became good friends. I am a staunch supporter of her projects as she is of mine. I was thrilled when a couple of months ago she told me that she was bringing Prep School 101 back to life! So, please visit her blog and welcome her back after you read her guest post!

In the spirit of “the more things change, the more things stay the same,” I bring you a list of my summer essentials, many of which I’m truly grateful do not change year after year (or season after season, for that matter). After all, a classic is a classic is a classic.

The obvious preppy favorites: 

(1) Seersucker

(2) Aviators

(3) Driving loafers

(4) Pearl earrings

(5) Lacoste polos

(6) Lilly dresses

(7) G&Ts and garden parties

(8) Fitzgerald, Hemingway

(9) Rosebud Salve

(10) Jack Rogers

This summer’s new favorite and frothy additions:

(1) Tad Friend’s Cheerful Money: Me, My Family and the last Days of WASP Splendor

(2)  Kiel James Patrick bracelets, preferably in madras.

(3) True Prep by Lisa Birnbaum. I scored an advance copy since these will be in the goody bags at a party my company is hosting in September. If you’re on the East Coast and feel like a delightful trip to Baltimore for an end of the summer celebration on the water, please come to our Oxfords & Oysters soiree (details on my company blog: http://blog.skyblue-events.com/oxfords-oysters/).

Come say hello....I’ll be the one wearing some combination of the above listed items.

Above, the beautiful Jennifer in Lilly, then and now!