and... away we go!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I'm in bed, all dressed and ready to go, resting and enjoying my morning coffee. I packed my frother so I cannot have my morning cappuccino. My coffee feels a bit naked without it's foam! The kids are still asleep. The car's all packed up save for the medicine bag and the bag that will come to the beach and the cooler. And my laptop. And my scale! Yes, somehow I am going to sneak the blasted thing into the car again! Yes I could quite possibly be the only girl who travels with her scale! I don't do this for short trips mind you, just the longer ones... especially those that can potentially involve lots and lots of caloric foods and endless days of sitting in the sun with ass planted firmly in beach chair. And if I don't watch it at the end of my 2 weeks the ass will be not so firm in my beach chair. The scale keeps me in check. It reminds me not to overindulge in Pier fries and ice cream and lobster dripping with butter or fried clams. It reminds me to keep a move on. In the years before The Scale I would somehow, magically, end up a good solid 5 or more pounds heavier. But, when traveling with The Scale this doesn't happen! I am sure psychiatrists would have a field day over this. I am sure they have lots of labels for me, but I have found that if it works, it works and if ain't broke don't fix it... unless, of course, you are talking about The Scale!

I have also packed, of course, my running shoes. Not sure how I will be able to escape the kids daily, but I have brought them none the less. My real hope is that while we are all on the beach, 14 kids ranging in age from 4 to 14, and between 6 and 12 adults, someone will offer to keep an eye on my guys while I put on my headphones and take a long power walk down the miles and miles of beaches. If I can accomplish this several times times a week I will be a happy.

Packing list:
bathing suits
T-shirts (both nice and casual)
flip flops
tennis socks!
beach cover ups
beach chairs
beach toys
cameras, lenses, flash
bath towels
pillows (I won't travel long term without my own as well!)
my favorite blanket!
that's about it
the only thing left to pack is the laptop and the kids.
do I have to bring the kids?
can't I leave them behind?
I can't dose them up with Benedryl before our long journey. My littlest kid reacts to that like it's Mountain Dew on steroids! I do have some bourbon in the liquor cabinet tho...
Ok, time to wish me good luck (I'll need it!) on my (mis)adventures!

Now this may just be the only suitcase I'll ever need!

Even though internet is limited I will get to it! I also have a few wonderful guest bloggers lined up for you.. stay tuned!