We're done with school next Tuesday. Both boys have had their last full day of school. The rest are half days. What's the point to a half day? Surely whoever it was who created a half day of school had no children. Seriously. What can one get done in 3 or 4 hours?

I scrambled to get some shopping done yesterday, my very last day of freedom until September 9th. I got everything I needed and wanted. This included a fun stop at Lilly. I picked up a tunic, some pants and a coral necklace. I wanted a dress too. I thought the price too steep for me... I may just have to return as I love it sooooo much. I tried on the McKims... my foot is much too narrow. Headed over to Island Outfitters where I saw the cutest, and I mean the cutest pair of Jack Rogers. They were fuchsia snake skin! There was one pair left and a size 9. Boo again. I did get the cutest star fish earrings and a darling owl ring. I will model them all for you sometime. I have all my running gear now too.

I'm off to schlep myself to physical therapy this morning, then return to school to take the boys to a local playground for a lower school field trip. (The one I wrote about here.) Then back to school at 3:30 to get Becca... then take the kids home to change, then schlep them to a pool party at our friends' house. Wine O'clock will come a good bit later tonight!

We have soccer games and Birthday parties this weekend. Followed by half days on Monday and Tuesdays with class parties and graduations. My free time, again, will be spent at physical therapy. As a result:
We have no groceries... the house is a mess... the laundry is half done... and what is done needs to be folded and put away... the beds need to be changed... rooms need to be picked up... my bathroom needs to be vacuumed... (How did all that grass get in there anyhow?) I haven't written in eons... I still have 5 pages of La Jolie Grandmere's story to transcribe? Will that book ever get finished? I had hoped it would be done by September. Now I am not so sure... I need new brake pads... I need an oil change... I need to get to the dry cleaners to have some clothes altered... Oh I have so much to do... and I know most of it won't get done... welcome to summer... bring me my Fume Blanc and a small, brown paper bag into which I can inhale... exhale... inhale... exhale!