Questionnaires and Get Togethers

I was tagged by the adorable Bethany over at Maryland Pink and Green to participate in this cute questionnaire.

favorite color:  Periwinkle. I love the soothing, calming qualities of the blue hues and the rich qualities of the purple hue. My past two bedrooms have been pale periwinkle.

I loved my master bed and bath from my old house...
It was resort-like, my own oasis. I felt like I was away from home when I was up there...
Until the kids came in!

favorite restaurant: I'm not sure I'll ever go again. But there was a wonderful restauarant in Italy where my Grandmother had a home. In the tiny town of Citta della Pieve, in the Umbrian hills, was the most marvelous restaurant called Bruno's Trattoria. The food was a feast and a pleasure for all the senses. Divine!

It was at Bruno's that I was introduced to and started a long love affair with panzanella, a bread and tomato salad, with basil, onions, cucumber and olives,  that originated in the Umbrian and Tuscan regions of Italy.

hobbies: writing, reading, cooking, photography...

what does your room look like: A current room? The one I am in? Or one I would create from scratch? I'm going with the latter... I like my rooms to have an inviting feel. I want people to want to come in and sit down. I like to mix elements of old and new. I like my rooms to have a simple elegance and feel lived in. Because I have children my rooms need to be practically designed. Antiques need to be strategically placed as I am not about to constantly tell the children "don't touch this." I do not like tchakis and clutter (which is a contradiction in terms, especially when there are children in the home!) My ideal sitting room would have walls that are a deep, rich blue with an antique white trim. My furniture would be off-white and arranged around the fireplace. There would be natural jute or sisal rugs on the floors. Floor to ceiling drapes would cover the windows and add the elegant touch. I love mirrors and they would be strategically placed to add dept and dimension and height. My art and literary books would line the shelves on one wall. Over-sized black and white photos of the children would be strategically placed. Freshly cut flowers in crystal vases would always be present. But I have children and the light furniture is automatically ruled out... Perhaps I should go back to school to become an interior designer!

if you could have dinner with two people, dead or alive, who would they be? Gosh, this is a really hard one. I admire, respect and look up to really strong women... I'm going to cheat and give you four even though my list is a lot longer! Katherine Hepburn, Audrey Hepburn, Eleanor Roosevelt and, of course, La Jolie Grandmere. Now that I am writing my memoirs and intertwining them with her personal stories, I have so many unanswered questions. And, of course, I want many, many more stories. If I could have dinner with just one person, dead or alive, it would be with La Jolie Grandmere in a heartbeat! She continues to inspire me even though she is no longer with us.

La Jolie Grandmere at my Wedding...

what is your next big splurge? Seriously, I need to start saving!

what is your favorite joke, quote or saying? The silly side of me will say, but of course "It's 5:00 somewhere!" but right now I think I am living by the mantra Don't Dream it, Be it!

anything else you would like known? (A random fact) I'm very social... a Type A personality. I love getting together with my friends and making new friends. I'm going to get my books published... someday... hopefully sooner rather than later! I am determined. I am strong. I am creative. I am loving and overly sensitive. I love to eat and drink and not so much exercise... but I can't eat and drink without it! I am ridiculously attached to my car. I know it's a piece of metal on wheels. But I love it so. I spend most of my days in it shuttling kids hither and thither. It is like a second home to me!

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The above bloggers are, for the most-part, fairly new to me... I love these blogs and I hope you will visit them too!

I'm off with the kidlets to Massachusetts for a couple of days. We'll be drinking visiting Gabi and her boys from Tickled Pink Talk! So excited to see her. She is such a hoot and I know we are going to drink have a lot of fun!

Then, on Saturday I will get to meet THE Social Climber who is coming to town for her bff, Hermes' Birthday Party! I just love my "blends!"