Pink Cosmos +Tomato, Mozarella, Basil and Boursin on Baguettes + SATC2 with the Girls = 1 Fun Night!

The last time our book club got together we decided that we would read The Carrie Diaries, a fun summer read and then meet up to see SATC2 in the theater. Last night was our night at the movies.  Now, you should know by now that this girl is not going to settle for popcorn and Pepsi (especially since I am a Coke girl all the way) for a movie featuring Carrie, Charlotte, Miranda and Samantha. No, no, no...Our snacks and beverages needed to be more grown up... more sophisticated... more sexy! I thought we ought to somehow smuggle in some Cosmos. Well, the girls thought this to be a most fabulous idea! Susan put herself in charge of the drinks and I put myself in charge of dinner. My first thought was to bring a baguette and some brie, but that would be too messy. So I made what I will now refer to as my SATC2 Sandwiches... a baguette, Boursin, tomatoes, basil salt and pepper... Easy to make, easy to transport and easy to eat!

We met up in the parking lot with our big bags. I took the plastic martini glasses off Susan's hands and we walked up, oversized-overstuffed satchels concealing contraband carefully closed, and purchased our tickets. Bingo! It was also Bargain Tuesday and our tickets cost us only $6! Once we were safely within the confines of our private row of seats Susan took out her goodies... bag of ice, sports bottle filled with vodka and the cranberry in another sports bottle. In a silver shaker she mixed the ice, vodka and juices... shake shake shake! She poured... we held our glasses up and toasted ourselves!

In the row in front of us were three girls in their early 20s. They thought our idea to be brilliant told us so. Susan, always fully prepared, told the girls that there was plenty to go around (she packed a bottle of wine too... just in case!) and told the girls that if they could locate 3 cups she had enough to share. One of the girls was happy to oblige and came back with three small plastic cups!

I think we may have started something!

As the lights dimmed I passed out the sandwiches. They were Amazing!

I had heard mixed things about the movie but add some good food and a few good Cosmos and any movie is fabulous!

My only major complaint was a fashion one. In one of the opening scenes we see Charlotte wearing the Not So Crabby Lilly skirt... This scene is supposed to take place in the 80s and unless I am mistaken, and I could be and please correct me if I am, this is not an 80s print! Why didn't they put her in a vintage Lilly? Am I wrong? Did anyone catch this?

Image, Ajurette Magblog

And yes, you can dress this girl up but you can't take her anywhere. I spilled my Cosmo... not once but twice! The first time I doused my skirt... the second time I doused Kristen's white shorts! (I'm sorry Kristen! My stains came out in the wash and I hope yours did too!) She sent me an email last night when she got home. (I felt HORRIBLY.) She said that next time we do this -- we are going to see Eat, Pray, Love in August and bring some good Italian wine and perhaps some prosciutto, arugula and Parmesan on Ciabatta -- she'll be wearing black. I told her next time I'll bring a sippy cup!

SATC2 Sandwiches

6"  baguette per person
1 handful of fresh Basil, removed from stems
1 - 2 ripe tomatoes, thinly sliced
2 Tbs Boursin per sandwich
Salt and pepper to taste

I used a supermarket baguette, which in most cases I wouldn't have, but worked out perfectly for these sandwiches.

Slice each baguette in half and scoop out some of the doughy middle. Toss.
Spread about 1 tbs of the Boursin on each half
Place tomatoes on one half, cover fully. Add salt and pepper if desired.
Place basil on top.
Close sandwich and if bringing to a picnic or the movies, wrap well in aluminum foil.