On the Road Again & My Weekend with The Social Climber!

Off to Newport for a couple of days with the kids. It's a short-ish drive for us -- just 2.5 hours without traffic (traveling at Jessica Miles Per Hour) and seriously I have no idea how some of you do it... those of you who drive 10 and 14 hours to Florida or across the desert with barely a stop to pee. Seriously. As soon as we pull out of our driveway my kids are already bored, whining and bickering. As soon as we get to the end of the street they start asking "Are we there yet?" This continues the entire time. The youngest will watch a movie. The older two will fight. And I'll spend $80 to fill up my gas tank for this headache? Luckily I am in front. Alone. And in total control of the tunes. miTunes!


I had a fabulous wonderful amazing time with Beth on Saturday. I met Husband Dunn too. I am soooo in love. It's Ok. she knows. I've told her that I'll take him once she's done! Beth is funny and lovely and sweet and in some ways over the top! Her personality is bright and sunny and in some ways she was much as I expected and in others she was quite different. A new friendship has formed and I couldn't be happier.
Beth's best friend Allegra "Hermes" is beautiful and lovely and she was a gracious hostess. She knows how to throw a party. A hell of a party, in fact. I had never met "Hermes" until last night. She lives just a mile away from me and we have so many friends in common. She also happens the sister-in-law to a good friend of mine! I was touched, honored and flattered that she would think to invite me to such an intimate party having never met me.

Beth... on the phone with Allegra...

Beth still on the phone as Husband Dunn and I get silly...

Photo op after we make sure there is no spinach or lettuce or pepper stuck in our teeth!

Are they not just the cutest things ever?

And here we are at Allegra's a few hours later... I'm totally holding her up! ;) LOL

I believe Beth is going to blog all about the party and the phenomenal details from the ever-flowing Prosecco, to the fabulous catered food, to the spectacular tables outfitted in pink and green and Pucci-esque table cloths under the tent with pink lighting...to the wonderful dance music created by the band members dressed in white polos, white Bermudas and white flip flops...each detail of her affair was carefully planned out and executed.

I could go on forever but I must go pack up the car... clothes, blankets, stuffed animals, beach toys, towels, a cooler with waters, juices and some Peachy Blueberry Bread that we will have for our breakfast. I hope I don't forget anything. I'm sure I will.