La joie de vivre en plein air...

I love to entertain outdoors. After being cooped up indoors for months, from the harsh and cold New England winters, it's nice to finally be able to step outside. Luckily, New England also has fabulous Spring and Summer seasons. My motto, for my children as well as for myself, is why be indoors when you can be outdoors? Our house is surrounded by trees. Our backyard resembles more of a Piney Maine than a Coastal Connecticut one. We have all sorts of animals and the most wonderful birds who like to feed from Christopher's feeder out back. I love to sit on the deck and watch them, listen to the squirrels rustle the leaves high in the trees, feel the gentle breezes and soak up the sun. I'm happy to sit out in the day with a nice cold iced tea or lemonade. In the evening, I like to plug in the "twinkle lights" under our umbrella and enjoy a nice glass of wine. Our deck is fairly simple. My grandmother had the most fabulous terraces and patios and entertained on them all the time. My mother has a wonderful terrace in Newport. It was last used, I believe, for my wedding nearly 13 years ago. In my mind, I have the ideal outdoor entertaining area. One day, I'll have the means and the time to create my own outdoor oasis. It will include elements from the wonderful outdoor photos below!

Above images courtesy, Better Homes and Gardens

Above images courtesy House Beautiful

Courtesy New England Home