just another ordinary day in paradise

If you've ever been to Rhode Island you're most likely familiar with the yellow and green cup with the lemon on the front. This beverage is an Ocean State icon. Made from pure high fructose corn syrup, fresh lemon, lemon rind, sugar and crushed ice, this lemony sweet beverage is addicting. My kids love it and we can't seem to go to the beach without getting one at least once over the summer. Recently they've added a new flavor. Watermelon was added last summer, I believe. I didn't think I would like it. Of course I had to try one... it's fabulous! The only thing we seemed to need with it was a little vodka and perhaps a wedge of lime... or a sprig of mint!

I was so excited to go to the grocery store in Newport today to pick up a powdered version of this drink that requires just ice, water and a blender. My friend Heather told me about it after I mentioned the wee little bit about it being great with vodka. Well, imagine my surprise and delight when I learned, just minutes ago, that there are many flavors and even better... I just learned that Del's is available in other states. AND there's a store less than 5 miles from where I live. Do you have any idea how happy this makes me? If you love Del's and you don't live in Rhode Island you have got to go to their website! These slushy drinks simply make the best cocktails! Cheers Fluffy! And thanks for the tip ;)

There's a little playground called Morton Park that I used to take the kids to when they were younger. How they loved it there. To this day it is the only one they will play on. Perhaps it's because they have such fond memories of it. This thrills me to no end because Alexander so rarely gets to go to the playground these days and here the three can play together. While the kids play I put in a call to my husband. My wheels are screeching and it sounds like a braking problem. We learn later, after my husband brings my car in, that all four brakes need to be replaced. Nice way to drop a cool $1100 in a day. Gah!

I'm trying to get all three to sit on the bench and pose for a picture for me... Alexander will have nothing of it. Rebecca has plans of her own...

She moves in a little more...

Gah! A hug... from his sister no less!!!

This one shares the spotlight with no one!

Isn't he beautiful? I've often thought of having him model... but then I feel that's like pimping him out!

Before we hit the road we must stop off at Newport Creamery (kinda like a Rhode Island version of Friendly's) for some Crazy Vanilla... my kids all-time favorite!

After tummies are filled we hit the road.
Of course Alexander has to pee theveryminute we pull out of the parking lot. I tell him we have to wait the 20 minutes until we get to the Dunkin Donuts before we hop onto I95. There I'll get a coffee for myself.

But coffee runs through me quite quickly which is not good when you are stuck in this!

But things could be worse, I tell myself... I could be all the way back there! (The view from my side mirror.)

All because they want to chop down a couple of trees. Seriously, why can't this be done at night when I am not on the road with a full bladder!

The ride home was rather uneventful until the last half hour or so. The older two were bickering... Christopher was sitting behind Alexander, pulling his hair and Alexander was sitting in his seat chanting "I'm never going to stop talking... I'm never going to stop talking... I'm never going to stop talking..." despite Christopher's non-stop request to "Just shut-up, Alexander!" And of course all three are hungry. Because ice cream two hours ago was not enough. And as we approach was seems like McDonald's Mile on this stretch of highway, they beg and plead to go into one. To which I keep replying with a firm "No!"

I turn the radio on higher to drown them out. But it really isn't working. I sing along to see if that quiets them down. I sing along with Frank.

Of course it didn't quiet them down... But I enjoyed singing it!

We're home for a couple of days... then back to Newport this weekend. Going to buy some duct tape before that trip!