Happy Feet: A Jack Rogers Update...

Yesterday I wrote about having fallen in love with a stunning pair of fuchsia crock Jack Rogers and how devastated I was that they were not available in my size. It seemed that the shoes were custom made. I have my beloved white JRs that are on their last leg. They are unique, fit me like a glove, and are my absolute favorite sandal. I will be completely devastated when they do give out.

 Aren't they awesome?!

Yesterday afternoon I was reading my comments and noticed that someone from the Newport Island Outfitters store left me a message. How sweet, I thought. I then wondered how on earth he found me, so I sent him an email to thank him. I explained that these weren't just any JRs, that these were special and specially ordered. I then asked him how he stumbled across my blog. Jeff sent an email in reply. It turns out that his fiancee, Katie, is a reader (a huge fan, actually, and I am completely shocked and humbled and thrilled) and told him of my dilemma. A few more emails were exchanged and I told Jeff that I would be in Newport later this month and would stop by the store and check out their selection.

This morning the phone rang and the caller ID informed me that the Fairfield Island Outfitters was on the other end. I answered. The kind voice asked for Jessica and then asked if I was the one with the blog. I had to laugh. I told her that I was Jessica, and, yes, I was also the one with the blog. The kind voice told me that she was more than happy to place a special order for the fuchsia crock sandals, however I might have to wait 6 to 8 weeks. I let her know that I would think about it and would give her a reply shortly. I explained my dilemma to Rebecca who told me I had to get them. That all good things are worth waiting for. So there, my decision had been made for me.

I took Rebecca to her soccer game and called my friend Lori who had been at the IO store with me on Thursday and was witness to my Sad Sandal Story. She concurred that I must order them. Then she asked me a huge favor - Would I ask if they could locate another Owl ring in yellow? I bought the last one and she had fallen madly in love with it too. I told her I would be happy to do so.

I knew it was going to be a happy day when I saw the two teams were pink vs. green! Perfectly preppy soccer! 

And yes, that is my Becca in the pink and green!
Our team wore the green jerseys which beat the pink jerseys!
But you want me to get back to the shoes, don't you?

After the game was over and we won, I had to take Rebecca to meet her friend Grace. The girls headed over to a Birthday party. I came home to an empty house and was about to make a clean break off to Island Outfitters to order my shoes. But then the boys came home. Would my mission be foiled? The youngest and his father headed to the Lake and this left me with my 9 year old... Would he be willing, possibly, to go get some shoes with me?

He was more than happy to!

So off we went!

I decided that I should try on a pair to be sure of the size since they were being ordered specially for me. I saw the fuchsia ones in the size 9s in the box. I decided to try them on to see how big they really were. In slid my foot... and they were... perfect! The shoes fit perfectly! Like a glove! I felt like Cinderella and her glass slipper! The sandals were mine! Mine, mine, mine! The last pair and they were still in the store waiting for me. It was fate! Destiny! The special pink Navajo sandals and I were meant to be together. And I could not be happier!

So, thank you Katie and Jeff and everyone at Island Outfitters in Fairfield and Newport! XOXO

Aren't they just spectacular?!!!

My Happy Feet!