Busy Little Bees...

Isn't this necklace magnificent. Oh I do think I am in love!

I've been meaning to carve out some time to tell you all about our adventures with Tickled Pink Talk and her boys... but we've finally settled into summertime and our lives seem as busy as ever!

The North Shore in Massachusetts is magnificent... the children got along fabulously... We went to the beach both days and collected gorgeous rocks, and dug for crabs and clams and found the most magnificent beach glass. We returned home and the children played and we chatted and drank and laughed and chatted and drank and laughed. Gabi is one of those people you feel like you've known your whole entire life. She is fabulous. She was a wonderful host. Love you Gabi and thanks so much!!! XOXOX

We've returned to play dates and doctor's appointments and dinner dates all in less than 24 hours. Tomorrow I will meet the One and Only Beth Dunn and her fabulous Husband Dunn. Cannot wait. So excited. Promise to blog about everything as soon as I can.

Oh and I want to wish my dear friend Bevy a HAPPY HAPPY BIRTHDAY