Letters to Juliet: Reason # 103 Not to Wear Mascara!

Amanda Seyfried as Sophie, in Letters to Juliet

Aerial View of Verona, Italy

View of Adige River, Verona, Italy

Actual Letter to Juliet, Image Courtesy The New York Times

The Wall above Juliet's Tomb, filled with letters, that inspired the movie.
Image Courtesy, The New York Times

Ettori Salomani, tended to Juliet's tomb and answered letters
Image courtesy New York Times

I don't always wear mascara. In fact I rarely wear it. A few friends of mine swear that it makes them look more alert and awake. Because I have had a few lousy nights' sleep, I decided on the mascara yesterday. It really does help!

Rebecca and I had plans to see a movie with her friend Grace and Grace's mother, my friend Kate. Well, actually the initial plan was that Rebecca and Grace were going to hang out for a while in the afternoon and then Kate was going to take them to the movies. But an interfering soccer practice forced us to switch plans a bit. And when I learned what movie the girls were going to see, I invited myself! We had a fabulous night. I can't remember the last time we had a mother-daughter date with friends... Have we ever? We'll do it again, for sure!

Letters to Juliet was a really cute and funny movie. The lead character, Sophie, works for The New Yorker as a fact checker. She desperately wants to be a writer. (As does everyone who works for that publication!) Sophie is engaged to a highly energetic and passionate chef, Victor, who is about to open his own restaurant in New York City. The two take off on a pre-honeymoon journey to Verona, the city of love, only to spend no time together. Victor takes off to pursue his many distributors and Sophie to do some sight-seeing.

While touring Verona she comes across all these women, young and old, writing letters to Juliet, asking for her advice on love. At the end of the day, a young woman comes around, collects all the letters in to a basket and takes off into another building. Fascinated, Sophie follows. She learns that there are a team of women, of Juliets, who respond to each and every letter.  She is invited to join them. Sophie finds a letter, hidden behind a brick, that is over 50 years old. She decides to take a chance and reply. And this is how the story unfolds...

Shortly thereafter we meet Claire, played by the beautiful and talented Vanessa Redgrave, and her grandson, Charlie. Sophie, Claire and Charlie take us on a beautiful and sensual tour through Italy in hopes of reuniting Claire with her long lost love, Lorenzo. The scenery is breathtakingly magnificent and whether or not you have any interest in the story line, the sights of Verona, are enough to feast your eyes.

Outstanding performances by Ms, Redgrave, who clearly owns the movie and Gael Garcia Bernal, who portrays the passionate Victor.

This movie had elements that reminded me a bit of Under The Tuscan Sun, Sabrina, and Before Sunset. If you are looking for a feel good chic-flick, this movie is for you. It'll make you laugh and cry and you'll want to see it again and again. But bring the Kleenex. I wish I had. And don't wear mascara!

I rate this movie 3.5 out of 5 buckets of popcorn!