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Get your pearls on girls! (More dorky pictures!)

It's been a CRAZY week... non-stop, frantic, frenetic... today is the end of the weekday madness but enter weekend madness tomorrow. It's Grandparent's Day at the children's school and since May Day fell on a Saturday, the children will all participate in the May Day celebration and Assembly. Rebecca wanted me to wear Lilly since she is wearing a Lilly Original shift... I went up to the attic last night and pulled down all that I could find... some are missing... hmmm... Anyhow, I chose to wear my favorite skirt. I have no idea what the pattern is called. Is it Party Animal? Does anyone know? It's over 10 years old. It was too big and there were no others to be found so I bought it and had it tailored hence the longer length. That's why I have chosen it today. My legs are still too pasty and flabby for the shorter Lillies! (Arm is still very limited in motion and so I cannot apply self tanner!)

Rebecca wanted me to wear my Lillies original bag with my outfit... I don't know... I think it is a bit much... even for me! Pearl are on... need new sandals. Pink JRs gave way last year and I will replace them shortly. Meantime I just have the white jeweled ones...

Off with her head! lol

(Sweater JmcLaughlin... another favorite!)

These bracelets go nicely...

a bit much... but Rebecca really wants me too...

never fully dressed without my pearls!

Happy Mother's Day!

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