Political Ketchup

This condiment kicks some serious Donkey butt!

A long long time ago two men were battling it out for presidency. One was a son of a former President of the United States and the other was a wealthy senator from Massachusetts who married an even wealthier woman of a certain Ketchup Family Fame.

I try not to get too involved with politics. I know what I like and I like what I know. I am a conservative with some liberal tendencies. But, for the most part, I keep my mouth shut. I do not like to get in heated debates. I always take these way too personally... I don't like this "I am right and you are not" nonsense. Mostly because I am always right :)

At some point during that campaign I learned about W Ketchup. I just had to try some. So we ordered a small case... and let me tell you... This Republican Ketchup kicked some serious donkey butt. (Remember I am always right.) We gave it out to friends as gifts -- well, to those who would appreciate it -- and we served it at barbecues.  But, not wanting to get too politically charged and not wanting to offend anyone we also served The Other Ketchup as well... the one I had grown up on.

In our backyard the Republican Ketchup was the winner across the house, lawn and floor!

For more information on W Ketchup visit their website, order a few bottles and fire up the grill. After your BBQ you can leave me a comment telling me that, hands down, this is the single-most best darned ketchup you have ever had!

I'm not getting paid to endorse these guys. Grill season is upon us and you'll all need some condiments at some point!