i'm here...

thank you all for your well wishes and kind words. i am home and resting comfortably. surgery went well and now i have the long road to reovery. some days will be good and others not so much. my mother has been here this week and been an enormous help. next week will be a whole different story!

the big and bulky bandage came off yesterday and last night i was able to take a shower... phenomenal, but oh my goodness what an ordeal. it is not something i plan to tackle often... at least not for a while!

i've been battling the side-effects of my narcotics...they have been brutal on my stomach. yesterday i managed well on motrin alone, but searing pain woke me up at one this morning so i decided to take the stronger stuff. and now it's 2 hours later and i've just taken the second one...

i'm resting as i should though i really wanted to vacuum the kitchen when i was down there!

my sling isn't so bad... it's not nearly as bulky as i thought it would be... it's navy and would look pretty cute with a monogram!

after big bandage was removed we covered the stitches... to infinity and beyond! thank you buzz and woody and all for fixing my broken wing!

my beautiful flowers from bevy -- it's a golden day, mama henley -- henley on the horn, gabi --tickled pink talk and pinkie and miss priss' momma -- pibk, green & southern... thank you ladies... these put such a smile on my face!!! (now i can't wait to put that glass to proper use!)

XOXO to you all!!!!!!!!