Gasp! I've been outed!

I have been busily working with my co-chairs on our Annual Spring Auction. There is a lot that, unfortunately, I cannot do this year, and with an event such as this, many hands are needed. Luckily, there were places and projects to keep me busy. Friends chauffeured me hither and thither and ran errands for me and have been sublimely wonderful. It was such a lovely thing to be able to get out of the house this week and not be forced to look at the same four walls. I like to be with people and I like to keep busy. So collaborating on this big event was perfect for me and my psyche.

I haven't told too many people here about my blog. Even fewer know about my privileged youth. It certainly is not something I walk around talking about. Seems gauche and tacky, unless of course, you can write about it in a memoir-like way... This way you are telling a story, not boasting, bragging, being proud. Just entertaining really.

Most people know me as a busy stay at home mother of three who is very involved with her children and their school. Most people know me as a fairly ordinary girl (with a smile on her face who likes to laugh a lot) just trying to get by day by day, making great sacrifices so that she can have three kids in a wonderful private school. My current life as a suburban mom is indeed a far cry from my childhood life. Those rich and colorful experiences that I have started to share with you (thanks to your gentle encouragement and kind enthusiasm) have gotten me to realize that my childhood was indeed spectacular, special and unique. I love to write and I love to tell stories so how perfect that I would have this blog.

I was in the gym yesterday about to tackle another monster project. I was asked to organize and design a cookbook that the 7th grade had created to be auctioned off. Of course I said yes. And I had no idea what the heck I had gotten myself into. But that's another story completely! I sat with my friend pouring over the recipes on her computer and she said to me "Jessica I had no idea you had a blog!" This came out of left field and almost knocked me off my seat! A few of my friends know about it. So it wasn't hard to figure out where she learned this. And those few friends had all been working closely together over the past couple of weeks. I talked about it and a little about my youth and my grandmother and the South of France. I feel as though my anonymity is being stripped away. I know that this will happen when the memoir is published, but I certainly am not ready for this yet! I kind of like that feeling I was hiding a little something... like with my pregnancies when only my husband and I knew... so I guess I no longer have a secret. Hi, I'm Jessica and I have a blog.
 Ok, that's just weird!