Does it Get Any Better Than This?

What a day! It reached a record-breaking 92 degrees here in Connecticut! This morning as I was driving around I smelled freshly mowed grass everywhere. It is one of my favorite smells of Spring! The trees are pink and green and the grass everywhere is turning a beautiful shade of emerald green. I drove around all morning with all the windows and roof open. Jimmy Buffet was blaring... and I do mean blaring. I bee-bopped along happily. Spring is here! Spring is here!

I picked up Alexander promptly at Noon and we headed to the beach. There, more of my favorite aromas... salty ocean breezes, suntan lotion and freshly fired-up grills. The kids had fun in the sand and in the water. A better day could not be had. I am pink and tired from all the fresh air. I must get ready to prepare dinner... something light and summery... my afternoon ended perfectly... a long soak in a lavender tub under the skylight with a bright blue sky and the windows wide open. A chilled Pinot Grigio beside me along with the latest Boden catalog. I know this is all due to end soon and the cooler temperatures will return. I am fine with this. I do not need June in April. A little taste was all I needed just to know that all this wonderfulness will be with us soon enough!

It's too hot to cook. The kids will be having appetizers for dinner... toasted pita crisps with hummus, fresh veggie sticks and dip, select cheeses, assorted olives... and perhaps I can convince them to eat a hard boiled Easter egg!