A perfect nail color just for me!!!

I had to run into CVS to pick up a prescription for my husband. (Today was my day for running all the errands since he let me luxuriate in my pajamas ALL day yesterday as he shuffled to and fro in our terrible Nor'easter.) As I was walking to the back to the pharmacy I couldn't help but notice all the nail polishes. I really need some new ones. I really need some pink toes. With the kids on vacation over the next two weeks pedicures aren't likely in my picture. Unless I give myself my own. So I decided to treat myself to a jar of nail polish in a pretty and peppy and happy pink. I always look at the names of nail polishes. Mostly they amuse me, but if I don't like the name -- even if I do like the color -- I will return it to the shelf. After I turned this small bottle over I knew it had to be mine!