I'm a Sucker for Seersucker!

Spring is almost here... I can feel it! The past couple of days have been warm enough to leave the house wearing only heavy sweaters. Our daffodils are starting to pop through the ground. The robins have been by to say hello. The sky has been blue. Nevermind that it's snowing presently, I know that soon Spring will be here. I know that soon I can put away my boots, coats, heavy sweaters, scarves and hats. Soon. I must be patient. Patience is certainly not my virtue, but I have learned that good things really do come for those who wait.

I eagerly await the warm sunny days when I can put on a little seersucker. Fresh, crisp, summery and beautiful seersucker!

This adorable Dooney & Bourke seersucker purse is a perfect accessory to any Springtime wardrobe!

These pink and white seersucker Converse girls sneakers are going to be a must on Rebecca's shopping list!


She'll probably also want these girls' flip flops from Vineyard Vines
I quite like these seersucker wedges!


And Oh am I sucker for a Man in Seersucker!
Isn't he just delish?


And these men in a more modern seersucker.... Yep, yummy-yummy!

Ralph's seersucker and sorbet ...

These Strawberry seerucker pants are definitely too edgy for my hubby...
but I think they're hot!
Available from Orvis

Modern, edgy seersucker... Wall Street Broker seersucker
available from Paul Stuart, NYC

Ralph Lauren's smart, elegant seerucker


This is my perfect summer seersucker dress!
Clean, crispy, breezy, comfortable!
Available from Orvis

Seersucker at the table adds a soft, summery, flirty feel


Lighten your mood and your room!
Trade your heavy Wintry panels for these fresh and airy seersucker drapes.


Time to switch the bed linens too!
These wonderful seersucker and scalloped sheets are available at Neiman Marcus!
The monogram makes it a Preppy Mafia bedding of choice!

but I think I prefer this wonderful coral and seersucker bedding from Williams Sonoma!
How perfectly coastal... I know my summer days in Newport aren't too much further away!

and you know I could not possibly have a post all about Seersucker without possibly mentioning this:

A perfectly preppy, pink cocktail with a most perfect name!

To make your perfectly pink and preppy Seersucker Cocktail you will need:
2 oz of Grenadine
1 oz Orange Juice
2 oz. light Rum
4 oz. Tonic water

Pour all ingredients except Tonic Water into shaker. Fill a Highball glass almost full of ice cubes, and dump ice into shaker. Shake well and pour drink into Highball glass. Add Tonic Water, stir well, garnish with a Maraschino Cherry, and serve.
Happy Seersucker Everyone!