Snowed in

Luxe Cashmere Blanket from

(Monogrammed cashmere throw approved by this Chief of Preppy Mafia Police!)


Mug, Williams-Sonoma


 Milk Frother, Aerolatte, $20


Valentine cookies,
We missed the last storm, somehow. I was longing for a wonderful wintry storm. That was Saturday. Now, of course, we have the snow and I don't want it!

I have the flood lights on outside. It's still quite dark out. The snow is coming down ever so slowly and it is quite beautiful as the big downy-like flakes fall into the light. I'm in bed with the children and husband fast asleep. The news in on the television and the cappuccino is on the bedside table. I'm wearing my pink polka dotted pajamas. In essence I should be happy. But of course I have to complain... EntertainingMom, aka GimletMommy (my Twittername) is also CursingMommmy, often CursingMommy-Needs-A-Cocktail likes to complain!

I love snow and I love to be lazy. I'll take lazy over productive any day. But not today, of course. I have way too much to do. We have a long weekend and today the kids are home. Most likely they will be tomorrow as well, at least for half a day. I have errands to run. Lots of them. It behooves me to bring children on errands. Like oil and water, children and errands simply do not mix. At least once they are able to walk.

Rebecca is having a Birthday Party on Saturday. It's a mock sleepover and I have much fun and games planned. I have great favors planned. And she has requested pink and green cupcakes and finger sandwiches. I have much to do and now, no time to do any of it. I can't very well plan a party here with the children around to distract me! But, alas I will have to. I'll suck it up. I always do. But wait, I can't! I'm trapped at home in the snow with no supplies to get anything for her party! 

So instead I will have to clean the house. It's a mess. And the Cleaning Fairies aren't due to arrive until Monday. Monday is ages away... and ... I think I will need to let them go, temporarily. So sad. Heartbreaking. Devastating. I love them so!

You see my husband found out he lost a multi-million dollar client at Christmastime. Of course this totally sucks. We've already cut corners drastically, but it is hard with children who need to be clothed and fed and have Birthday parties and what not. So, as any good mother would do, I put my children first. Most likely there will be no fun shopping for me this year. (I drool and turn green with envy when I read about all your wonderful purchases!) Most likely I won't have new Lillies or Revas or Jack Rogers this summer... and while it sucks (a lot!!) I do know that I already have so much. And if I can't buy anything new for a year, I know I don't need anything. At times like this the difference between needing and wanting is quite obvious. We have a very large and lovely home. For this I am eternally grateful.  But I'm sure my gratefulness won't stop my from whining here and there!

I haven't worked in over 11 years. Let me rephrase that. I haven't earned a pay check in over 11 years. I made my living as a writer. I wrote and edited promotional collateral, marketing brochures, packaging copy... and business publications. I did a little bit of everything.  I was, you could say, Jack of all Trades and Master of None! I am hoping to once again make a living utilizing my passion for the written word. It'll take some time (though hopefully not too long) but I am determined to make this happen. I am Procrastinator Extraordinaire... so I am outing myself to you all so that you can keep tabs on me and push me along, and hopefully encourage me not to give up. I'd out myself and go on a diet too, but I might need lots of chocolate during this endeavor!

What am I doing, you ask? I am writing a book. I have been typing all my wonderful stories from La Jolie Grandmere. There aren't as many as I had thought and this saddens me because she had so many wonderful stories from her incredibly rich life. And I have already forgotten so many details to so many of her stories. I wish I had more to savor. But I do have more than most. I was the grandchild to whom she entrusted these stories. I am honored and privileged and know that these stories were meant to be shared.

There are not enough to create a book so I will need fillers. I will write about my recollections of La Jolie Grandmere. I will thread these through with photographs and recipes. It was her hope that one day we would write a cookbook together. She would provide the recipes and I would provide the illustrations. Well, the book won't exactly be that way, but this is my chance to make her last dream come true. And my dream come true. And while she is no longer with me physically, her presence is as strong as ever.

I have to thank you for this. This idea never even dawned on me but as I started to share my stories, her stories, so many of you reached out telling me you wanted to hear more, telling me that this would make for a lovely book. So here I go...

And this is what I will work on today, during this blizzard. I will wrap myself up in blankets. (Perhaps I'll not even change out of my pajamas!) And I will write and I will type. (I'll put off the laundry and the cleaning just one more day!) And I will sip my cappuccinos that I make with my wonderfully portable Aerolatte frother! Instead of complaining this Cursing-Gimlet-Entertaining Mommy will put her Big Girl Panties back on and do something for herself and her family (instead of whining and complaining.). And when I get tired, I'll gather my children together in the kitchen and we'll assemble their (store bought this year) Valentines and bake Valentine's treats to share. And we'll frolic in the snow and then I'll warm them up with hot cocoa (perhaps a cappuccino with Baileys pour moi!) and we'll snuggle up under warm blankets, build a fire in the fireplace in the family room and watch a movie. And then I'll get back to the laptop and resume my work!