Pink and Green Party Prep

I worked on prep for Rebecca's party for a good 12 hours yesterday. I missed most of the opening ceremonies and my tootsies were too tired to tip toe through the house at midnight when I finally turned it. It was a long and semi stressful day yesterday. My husband hurt his back. Badly. It had been sore for a while and so I am thinking that letting the kids jump on him and roll on him out in the storm on Wednesday was not the smoothest of moves! In addition to taking care of the kids I had to take care of him and you know how men are! Ok, I'm exaggerating... I did have to pick up an Rx that CVS forgot to fill but that was it. He left me alone to tend to the children and work on Pinking and Greening my house. I am a bit worried about tonight. He had planned on taking the boys out of the house. I'm pretty sure that won't happen since he can barely get out of the bed... already picturing Alexander who won't leave the kids alone... panicking about this just slightly! Though Rebecca did tell him that she would allow him to stay upstairs as they paint their nails. We shall see.....

I am super thrilled with my work and Rebecca is too! Nothing better than that. She kept showering me with hugs yesterday as I added yet another pink and green touch. I was going to bake the cupcakes today but ended up baking them last night. I messed the frosting up on one of them so I brought it to my husband who declared it The BEST cupcake he had ever eaten! I guess I'll be posting that recipe!

Anyhow, without further ado, here is what I spent my day on yesterday.


Above: place setting -- decided to place the Lilly-wrapped Mentos on the table.
I also filled small pink boxes with the pink and green white chocolate dipped pretzels.


I found this fantastic (and I do mean fantastic!) self adhesive wrapping paper from Hallmark. I cut out each girls' first initial and applied it to their cup. 



Not only does this improve the look of a solid colored cup but it will eliminate wasting cups all night long as girls start a drink, put it down and become unsure as to which cup is theirs.
Now, they'll know! Fancy, frugal and environmentally sound!


And our matching water bottles! Rebecca peeled off the original labels and I cut the adhesive wrapping paper to fit. There are, admittedly, slight imperfections. I am sure the girls will not notice.
I would have been more precise for the adults.


Pinkalicious, white and green m&ms... a must have at any young girl's Pink & Green Party!


I just adore what I did to this chandelier!
It reminds me of a floating garden. It was created on a limited budget
and everything has been recycled or can be.


All the bows were purchased at the Hallmark store. I tied them on using green ribbon, leaving the sticky part intact so that these can be used for gift wrapping at a later date.


Green snowflake... a Target ornament from a few years ago. I had these in pink and green!


Star ornament, also from Target from a few years ago.
I had plenty of pink and green stars around!


My Happy Chandelier... I think I am leaving this up for a while!


I am thinking the table needs something... perhaps the white linen place mats.
I'll play around some more later on!




Lilly notebooks. Aren't these the cutest? We have 4 extra binders and Rebecca wants more for herself!
I cut out wrapping paper to fit inside the clear pocket on the front of these plain plastic binders!
Couldn't be easier!


I filled the binders with plain white paper, 3 hole punch lined paper, fashion plates (for the girls to design their own clothes) and some fun quizzes in the back. The only thing missing were the pastel colored pencils!


All packaged up with gift tags for each child!


Front table in the foyer... Don't these look wonderful?!


Oh, Bite Me!! ;)


 And, the best part of all, Dessert!
Daddy's Declared Best Cupcake Ever!
(Recipe on food blog)

So there we are!

Today I work on cleaning up the play room (nothing I am looking forward to!)
and decorating it with brightly colored streamers and a banner that I made.

I will prepare dinner prior to the girls arriving.
Rebecca's request:

Finger Sandwiches

Black Olives

Baby carrots, celery sticks with Ranch Dressing
(I also picked up Russian Dressing because it is pink!)

Deviled Eggs
(Rebecca hates them but they are festive!)

Pink Lemonade garnished with a Lime Wedge
(I may toss some Vodka into mine ;) !!)


Pink & Green Cupcakes
Fresh Strawberries
Green grapes

Boy I wish I had some Lilly cookie cutters... perhaps I will run out and see if there are any left...
I just can't stop! I need help!