My ego like a balloon deflated...

I put on my Skinny Jeans yesterday. Not just my skinny jeans, but Skinny Jeans. Lo and behold I was able to button them. Lo and behold they were actually comfortable. And they looked pretty good from what I could tell. I wore them with a long-sleeved white Banana Republic Tshirt and a camel colored cashmere sweater. And pearl earrings.

Rebecca came into the bathroom as I was doing my hair and face. (Pony tail and a quick brush with bronzer.) She loves my jeans and she loves my sweater. She's getting to be dangerous. Before I know it she will be wearing my clothes. Must keep them away! After eyeing me up and down she said "Mom, those jeans are a little tight." I told her they were supposed to be. After all, the world is used to me in my big, baggy boyfriend jeans. "Mom," she said, "You know you look like one of the Jonas Brothers?"

Good thing I can laugh at myself.

Skinny jeans stayed on.

I put on a chocolate and white checked form fitting rain coat. Black riding boots and black Pashmina to finish the outfit. I was prepared for the Monsoons of yesterday and the grocery store. I felt good. I was walking with a spring in my step for sure. I was turning some heads. Yes I could tell. Yes I notice these things.

After I was done with my groceries I gathered a few things to bring upstairs. I stuck my new camera into my back pocket. I've been working on the book about La Jolie Grandmere while sprawled out on my bed.I have her papers scattered all over the place. I've been typing her stories into Word documents.

I got up to use the loo and I had forgotten about the camera in my back pocket. And when I went to unbutton my top button the camera jumped out and into the loo! I reached in as fast as I could and removed the battery and dried it all off. But the viewfinder is black. Everything is black. I'm afraid the damage has been done and is irreversible. I am quite upset about this. I had twittered about it and my dear friend Mama Henley suggested that I place the camera in a bag of rice. Rice apparently can pull the moisture from the camera. So far it has not worked. I'm out of a nice point and shoot and out of close to $400. I rely on my camera heavily. It's an addiction. I have two others. My DSLR is not little or compact or portable. I don't like the way it captures my food photos for my food blog. My old point and shoot is old and the smallest movement will blur the entire picture.

I suppose I should try to find the positive... that there was even room in the back pocket of the skinny jeans should have had me jumping for joy...

My mother called today. I cannot recall the reason for he call but it must have had something to do with my book about La Jolie Grandmere. My mother has the fill-ins to the many blanks. Apparently my grandmother started mixing up some of her facts. I'm working on a segment where she meets Thornton Wilder at a cafe in Paris thus beginning a life-long friendship and written correspondence. My mother is my necessary link in this project.

And somehow we switched subject as one is apt to do. She asked me if I had worn make-up when we saw them last Saturday. I told her I had on bronzer, that's it. She then broke into song and dance that I need makeup under my eyes. My eyes are too dark. And then she said... seriously... I need to work on myself because I'm not as pretty as I used to be!

And if that wasn't enough my legs are getting fat too! Ok, maybe I didn't have on the most flattering of jeans... but I am 6 pounds less than I have been for the last two years (and a good 10 pounds heavier than I was before Alexander was born) and my mother is telling me that I am getting fat!

(My mother -- and my grandmother too for that matter -- has been hung up about (my) weight her entire life. It was a joy to grow up with. I'm amazed I turned out so well. Now you'll understand why I had to sneak my scale into the car as we packed it up for Maine last summer! Now you'll understand my appreciation and love affair with my Spanx.) 

I kept quiet. Bit my tongue. And then I did what anyone would do in this situation I Tweeted about it! And then I grabbed a handful of Valentine chocolates!