i guess that's why they call them the blues...

Rebecca's Pink & Green party was cancelled. Well, postponed until Friday. I got a call from a friend telling me that her daughter had strep as did another one of their friends who was also invited to the party. That, coupled with the fact that my husband's back was so bad he was unable to move, and suddenly his throat felt like he had swallowed "shards of glass" I thought the only thing to do was cancel. As devastatingly disappointed as she was, I knew that a) the party would not be the same without these two little girls and b) with daddy as sick as he was calling it off was most likely a good thing. I was actually wondering how I was going to manage the girls and keep the boys out of their hair at the same time!

I made all the necessary calls and asked if we could reschedule to Friday. (Christopher's party is on Saturday and his Birthday is on Sunday.) Happily, everyone will be able to join us. Most of the work has been done and all that will be left to do will be to cook and re-bake all the cupcakes... a few have disappeared these past 24 hours!

Rebecca is not one to sit home. The boys are happy to hang out and play together, watch television and play on the computer. Rebecca is my social butterfly, happier out of the house and with her friends. She was hard to keep happy yesterday... whining every few minutes ... everything is so unfair... why me ... woe is me... I would be so much better off without brothers... (Sounding a lot like her mother!)

I had to take daddy back to the doctor's yesterday to look at his throat. Sure enough it was strep. We returned home (I left Becca in charge of the troops) to find Alexander complaining of a stomach ache. Shortly later he got sick. Could the day get any more stressful? I had to run out to pick up the antibiotics that had been filled. But my son was sick and needed me. But my husband was in no shape to get behind the wheel. So off I went. I had to. And I picked up some ginger-ale while I was out.

Needless to say there is no rest for the weary. One must tend to sick and injured spouse, 2 healthy children and one sick child... one must keep on top of the laundry and feed well children while holding sick child's head... Purell, Purell, Purell... my hands are rougher than sandpaper. Valentines are still in the car. Can't possibly bring out the chocolates. Webkinz are indeed stomach-flu safe, but I don't want sick child on well-children's computer... Perhaps we should just celebrate happy heart's day tomorrow. But this seems cruel to do to a child who had to temporarily forgo her party too.

So far, 2010, I'm not much liking you.

In between endless trips to the laundry room, kitchen and bathroom I get a moment to sit. And contemplate. And complain that this sucks. That after many sleepless nights on the couch. I am beyond tired. I saved the bed for the husband who seems to need it more than I do. When I am beyond tired I am cranky and irritable. And a whiny and a baby. And miserable.

Last night was no exception. The Big Girl Panties were off and nowhere to be found. I yelled at everyone. I yelled at sick husband for being cranky and obnoxious as he complained I was driving over ever bump and pothole on purpose -- as I made countless trips to the store for him. And took him to the doctors. I yelled at my daughter, who was sad enough as it was, for her whining because I was equally as frustrated and 100 times more tired. I yelled at my middle child. For no reason, I am sure, other than the fact that he was there. And I yelled at my sick baby last night. As he was getting sick. I kept telling him not to drink too much water. Every time he did so he got sick. I had used an entire roll of paper towels and just as much Windex to clean the floors because he couldn't make it to the bathroom. We had gone through all his pajamas. My hands were red and raw from chemical and soap and Purell. Every time I closed my eyes to doze off Alexander got sick. At one point, at around Midnight, I actually yelled at him. "Stop drinking water!" I shouted. I cleaned him up and told him he had to go find some clothes in his room. Terrible. Mean. I know. I'm not a good person on too little sleep.

I felt horribly when it happened and still do. I have made it up to him many times over, even digging out my old floral Ralph Lauren pillow cases because he loves them and he loves flowers. If only flowered pillowcases could make all of our troubles melt away.